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Founded by Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori, the company began producing films in 1987 and was renamed to Cecchi Gori Group after the death of Mario Cecchi Gori in 1993.

1st Logo (1987-1993)

Logo: On a black background, a blue neon outlined "C" slowly flips out toward the left, followed by a smaller stylized "G" (a circle with a small nub breaking out of the right side), the latter having a residue trailing effect applied to it. The two meet together and flash. The words "MARIO & VITTORIO" and "CECCHI GORI", in light blue, rapidly zoom out toward the left from the top and bottom of the screen, respectively, via residue trails again. A line is drawn under the two, and "Produzione e distribuzione cinematografica" or "presentano" fades in below it.

Variant: An enhanced version was introduced in the 90s.

Technique: Trailing effects. This company used somewhat primitive means of animation for the time to make this logo (digital CGI was mainstream), but it looks well done.

Music/Sounds: A 1950s-style horn/string/percussion theme, accompanied by an 80s-style backbeat. On some films, it is silent, or the opening theme is used, such as on Italian prints of Brazil (1985).

Availability: Rare. Seen on Italian films such as Il Piccolo Diavolo.

2nd Logo (1993-2005)

Logo: On a black background, a black (with an orange outline) version of the letters from the previous logos slowly unfolds to reveal itself. Then the words "CECCHI GORI GROUP" fade in below.

Variant: There exists a version without the company byline. This can be seen on films such as The Second Wife.

Technique: Just the rotating and shining.

Music/Sounds: Usually silent.

Availability: Common in Italy and Europe, but uncommon in the United States. Usually preserved following the Miramax logo on American releases of their films. Seen on films such as Il Postino, and Life is Beautiful.

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