Caterpillar Creations

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Descriptions by
Kilok and SuperMax124

Captures by

Video captures courtesy of
CalebTV The Logo Editor

(January 9, 2009)

Logo: We fade into a golden area with a statue of Ganesh. Then, a large flash suddenly appears, as it cuts to black and then what appears to be a desert as a crack forms out of it. We then cut to the sky as a red triangle is shown flying through the clouds and then into space, as an explosion occurs. We then see a splash of water, then it cuts back to the space background as more triangles colored in gold, cyan and magenta respectively appear. They zoom back and connect, while an white glowing arc appears at the top to form a "C", which turns into a metallic bronze color. The company's name in white also appears below when the arc forms.

Technique: It's a CGI logo.

Music/Sounds: A man singing with a tampura along with a sitar first when Ganesh is present, followed by a soft whoosh which gets dramatically loud. Some wind sounds then, with the sounds of rumbling and a loud zap on the forming of the triangles. This is followed by more zaps, but more melodramatic than average, and some fire sounds which fit for the triangle-"rocket". A splash sound is heard, and then a loud bling when we get again to the triangles. When they form, another loud whoosh is heard with some more rustling, and an electric zap is heard to finish the logo, along with one final explosion.

Availability: Only seen on Anu.

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