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1st Logo (Early 1980s)

Logo: On a blue background, a stylized circle with letters P and S inside (the letters actually stand for "pendaki sejati", which owns Casa Vision) zooms in, a la the Viacom V of Doom. It disappears, and soon, the words, "CASA" (in a very strange, stylized font) wipes in. Later, the words, "vision" wipes in below.

Technique: Cel animation.

Music/Sounds: Silence when the Pendaki Sejati logo zooms in, then the music from the 1976 TG1 and Hokushin Audio Visual logos, which begins after the circle stops zooming.

Availability: Rare.

2nd Logo (Mid-Late 80s)

Logo: Against the starfield, the white orange-outlined letters "C", "A", "S" and "A" (in the same font as "CASA" from the previous logo) fly around into the center, leaving orange trails. The letters form the words, "CASA". As this happens, an orange diamond flashes into screen, then the orange outlines of "CASA" disappears when the flash dies down. The white outlined words "vision" slowly moves from the bottom in a Star Wars-like animation, then stops right under "CASA". The byline, "pt. pendaki sejati" writes itself, halfway through, the bottom-half of the word "CASA" flashes rainbow (emerald, school bus-yellow, orange-red, dodger blue and emerald again). Then it cuts to the zooming starfield, but stars has been replaced with waterdrops, and an angel (actually part of footage from the Jackson 5's "Can You Feel It" music video) appears and flies far away from view to the center.

Variant: One variant has the Jackson 5 music video footage replaced with a footage from the Thorn EMI Video logo (The rainbow circle turning into the 'thorn').

Technique: Scanimation.

Music/Sounds: Some electronic sounds produced by a Moog synthesizer and a majestic theme, in which the theme gets louder during the flash. The sound effects bears a striking resemblance to the Bryanston Pictures logo sound effects.

Availability: Rare.

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