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Cartoon Video-Film was an animation-focused home entertainment arm of Wendros AB.


Logo: On a desaturated purple or pink background, we see a blue cartoon eye roll in from the right side of the screen until it gets close to the center of the screen and backs away. Four white ovals of increasing size come in and out from its pupil as a blue mouth rolls in from the left side of the screen. When the mouth hits the eye, it makes an "O" shape and turns into the same eye, and rounded cartoon letters, which are "C", "A", "R", "T" and "N", shuffle out from the eyes and arrange themselves into the word "CARTOON", after which three white ovals appear in both eyes. Quickly after, the text "VIDEO-FILM" and "PRESENTS", in light purple and yellow respectively, appear below the logo.

Variants: On a yellow background, two blue eyes sneakily look back and forth before proceeding to blow a pink bubble of bubblegum. The bubble gradually grows bigger until it eventually pops, leaving pink, gooey gum all over. The pair of eyes seen earlier are now arranged diagonally, and as the gum drips down and forms the same letters as before, the eye on the left leaps behind the eye on the right. The text "VIDEO-FILM" and "PRESENTS", in dark purple and pink respectively, and the same white ovals from before appear on the eyes immediately after. This variant was seen on at least two VHS tapes, which were Swedish releases of Grand Prix and Laurel and Hardy.

Technique: All 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A snazzy theme of sorts accompanied by wood-like rattling noises for much of the logo and a "whiish-woosh!" sound at the end that sounds like it was produced by a human mouth.

Music/Sounds Variants: Similar as the above theme and with the same ending sounds, but this time accompanied by a high-pitched, rapidly-repeating "pling" noise up until the bubble pops, which is when a gong noise plays.

Availability: Seen on at least one tape, which was a Swedish release of Grand Prix. Wendros AB distributed more animated shows and movies under this label, such as Hello! Sandybell, The Legend of Zelda and Vuk, so check eBay or charity shops with the Cartoon Video-Film label to help find more occurrences of both logos.

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