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1st Logo (December 1984-April 1985)

Logo: A black screen transfers us to a beige background via fuzzy oval shape. We see on the beige background the word "Capricorn" in a white script font with black on the 3D part zooming out almost rapidly. Then, the logo gets filled with a rainbow. Then, the black letters "VIDEO" in the ITC American Typewriter font types in under it. Finally, the logo "quarters" away (not like in the U.S.A. Home Video warning screen).

FX/SFX: The zooming and rainbow color filling effects, "VIDEO" typing in underneath and the logo quartering.

Music/Sounds: Lots of weird synthesizer sound FX, consisting of a "jet fueling" sound when the logo gets rainbow-colored, extremely deep synth push-button-like sounds when "VIDEO" is typed in and a sci fi-like synth-harp tremolo note when the logo quarters.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on many pre-cert Replay and CBS/FOX releases such as The Devil's Gift, Hell Cats, Hot Times, Ladies of the Night, Rush - The Assassin, See How She Runs, Thursday's Child, and Who Will Save Our Children?

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