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Canwest Global Communications was a major Canadian media company based in Winnipeg. It held radio, television broadcasting and publishing assets in several countries, primarily in Canada. Canwest entered creditor bankruptcy protection in late 2009, leading to the sale of the company's assets. Canwest's newspaper arm was sold through a newly-formed company Postmedia Network. The television arm was sold to Shaw Media on October 27, 2010. At the time of closure, Canwest was the owner of Global Television, Fox Sports World Canada, TVTropolis (now DTOUR), MovieTime, DejaView, Mystery TV (now Crime & Investigation), The Cave (later H2 and now History2), and the former Alliance Atlantis channels. Following the sale of assets, the company has ceased to carry on business, and will commence bankruptcy proceedings. Canwest didn't use an on-screen logo until 2007.


Logo: On a white background, a sparse, honeycomb-like array of hexagons with a blue outline is seen on the left side, with some of the hexagons filled with green. The hexagons then start disappear, first slowly before speeding up until only 7 remain, which then shifts to a 3-dimensional angle towards the right. Five of the white cells light up with green, forming a C shape as the word "Canwest", in the corporate font, rotates in to the left. "Produced in association with" fades in above, along with copyright info reading: Canwest & Design is a trademark of Canwest Global Communications Corp. and used under license.


  • A short version starting with the honeycomb rotating exists.
  • An earlier version had the logo center-aligned and stacked on top of each other. The text "meDIa" also flips in below. There also exists a variant where the logo is still on a black background, with the logo colored white barring the green hexagons.
  • There exists a still version.
  • On Producing Parker, a warp-speed version is used.

Technique: The cells flashing and moving a bit.

Music/Sounds: Either none or the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Uncommon. It was seen on several TV series, like Haven and Kenny vs. Spenny (the sixth season). The "Media" version appeared on a few TV-movies, such as Christmas Town. Its still retained on prints of these shows, but barely ever plastered by Shaw's logo or Corus' logo.

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