Cantares Producciones

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Logo: We fade from black to see some asteroids and a planet lit orange by a glow that fades as we move towards the planet while rotating. Before the glow fades, the text "CANTARES PRODUCCIONES", in an Impact-like font with a thick pink outline and stacked on top of one another, flies in along with the text "Performancia en Audio y Video Digital", in white with a blue outline, which is underneath the company name while the planet becomes gray before fading away to reveal a black background with what appears to be a blue glow in the center, and light blue text listing the company's address and phone numbers fade in under the aforementioned texts. All of the text then fates away to reveal the word "PRESENTA", in a black outlined font.

Technique: 3D and 2D text animation.

Music/Sounds: The Laserdisc version of THX's trademark "Deep Note" sound.

Availability: Unknown.

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