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Calico Entertainment was a subsidiary of World Events Productions. The company was best known for co-producing Denver, the Last Dinosaur and Vytor: The Starfire Champion with WEP. The company went dormant in 1993 after the failed pilot for Bubsy, but was revived in 1997 to produce the VHS This Land is Your Land: The Animated Kids' Songs of Woody Guthrie, the TV movie Bad Baby, and The New Adventures of Zorro. However, after The New Adventures of Zorro was cancelled in 1998, Calico was shut down for good.

1st Logo (September 12, 1988-1989)

World Events-Calico Presents.jpg

Logo: Against a stony surface, we see the purple word "CALICO" under a spotlight, casting shadow. Above it the disclaimer reads in handwritten font: "Animation Designed and Produced by".

Variant: TBA.

Technique: Small spots moving on the name.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show.

Availability: Rare. Preserved on the shows Denver, the Last Dinosaur and Vytor: The Starfire Champion.

2nd Logo (September 29, 1990-November 28, 1993, March 25-April 6, 1997)

Calico Entertainment.jpg

Logo: On a dark green marble-esque surface, we see a curve thickening to form a "C" while we zoom out, revealing that the surface is actually a square being split in half, forming the Calico logo (a concave rectangle and a curved semi-circle-like figure) on a cream background. While this happens, the dark gray text "CALICO" (in a condensed font) can be seen below the Calico logo. As we finish zooming, the word "ENTERTAINMENT" fades below "CALICO". During the zooming out, the shadows casted by the logo and the words is seen moving from the left-top to the right-bottom.


  • On the failed Bubsy pilot, a copyright notice appears below.
  • On the VHS This Land is Your Land: The Animated Kids' Songs of Woody Guthrie, an in-credit variant was seen. On top of the Calico Entertainment logo it says "Animation by", and below it is the address "9340 Eton Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311".
  • On the TV movie Bad Baby, a still version was seen. However, the logo is dark blue and the background is pink.

Technique: The green figures spreading, the camera zooming, and the shadows moving.

Music/Sounds: The end theme from the show or movie. The Bubsy pilot episode had a 5-note sounder.

Availability: Scarce. Still preserved on shows like Mr. Bogus and Widget. Also seen on the failed animated pilot for Bubsy, the VHS This Land is Your Land: The Animated Kids' Songs of Woody Guthrie, and the TV movie Bad Baby.

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