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Caballero Home Video is an American pornographic film company founded by Noel C. Bloom in 1974 as Caballero Control Corporation. It is one of the oldest porn studios in the US, and during the Golden Age of Porn it was one of the largest, producing several of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed pornographic films. With the advent of home video, Caballero went on to dominate the American adult video market in the 1980s alongside VCA Pictures. It also acquired the U.S. rights to rival studio Cal Vista's entire catalogue of more than 150 films. Caballero was also the former parent company of U.S.A. Home Video (now Artisan Entertainment), which was divested from the company in 1986 as Carolco Pictures purchased Caballero's remaining stocks in the company.

Caballero Control Corporation

1st (known) Logo (1981?-Late 1980s?)


Logo: On a black background, 3 conjoined C's, made up of a heavy amount of white sparkles, moves to the left side of the screen while zooming out. As they settle, they briefly flash and turn them a yellow/orange/pink gradient with a white outline surrounding each of the letters. A bumpy plexiglass texture, colored with a multicolored gradient, slide out of the logo to the right and flash white when they stop, revealing the text "CABALLERO CONTROL CORPORATION".

Technique: The sparkling, sliding, and flashing.

Music/Sounds: A loud synth fanfare with snare drums, or the opening of the film.

Music/Sounds Variant: One variant has the USA Home Video logo music playing over the logo instead, along with a voiceover. Another variant has the 1st Family Home Entertainment (FHE) music play over it instead.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on pornographic films from the company.

Caballero Control Corporation Home Video

1st Logo (Early 1980s)

VL0AjCmWk eYT-OcELxChg13387.jpeg

Logo: On a black background, the logo swoops down from the top of the screen while straightening up, before zooming up to the middle of the screen. It consists of the "CCC" from before, but in white and italicized, and the white text "CABALLERO CONTROL CORPORATION HOME VIDEO" next to it. All of it is stacked up, with "CABALLERO CONTROL CORPORATION" in a thinner font and the latter 2 under the former, and "HOME VIDEO" in a much thicker font, as well as "VIDEO" having a blue/yellow/red tricolored stripe inside it. They are divided by 3 slash marks in each space. It stays on screen for a few seconds before it sinks into the bottom of the screen a la the 1985 Family Home Entertainment logo.

Technique: The zooming.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Can be seen on tapes of their adult films from the era.

2nd Logo (Mid 1980s)

Logo: On a space background, stars slowly zoom towards the screen, as the C's from before in blue zoom in. They remain tilted at first, but eventually tilt downwards to face the screen straight on. Eventually the logo splits in 2 and zooms off to both sides of the screen, as the same "CABALLERO CONTROL CORPORATION HOME VIDEO" text from before (note the lines inside "VIDEO") but all in blue, zooms in spinning rapidly before stopping. It then fades out, leaving the space background.

Variant: There exists a version with a copyright date at the beginning.

Technique: The text animation and the moving stars.

Music/Sounds: It starts off with an eerie bass humming sound, which is joined by a rising synth chord. It's followed by a "crash" when the C's split up, and ends with a loud, dramatic synth stinger.

Availability: Same as before.

Caballero Home Video

(1998-January 1999)

Logo: On a night city skyline background we see a CABALLERO HOME VIDEO above the text zooming in, Then a byline below.

Technique: The animation skyline.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Seen on adult tapes on Caballero Home Video of the time.

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