CTV Newsnet IDs

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On September 8, 1999, CTV News 1 was renamed CTV Newsnet.


Logo: On a cloud sunset, daytime or nighttime background, we see a satellite dish on the map, with the "CTV NEWSNET" over the text with the Bell Globemedia byline fading in below.

Variant: Starting in November 8, 2006; the logo became bylineless.

FX/SFX: The satellite-dish

Music/Sounds: A flute tune with an announcer saying "This is CTV Newsnet".

Music/Sound Variants: Sometimes,there was an orchestral tune. Starting in November 8, 2006; A new orchestral tune, similar to the 1980s WJCT Jacksonville jingle, was heard with Lee Marshall saying "You're watching CTV Newsnet".

Availability: Extinct. Check your old tapes

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