CK Promotion

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CK Promotion (ซีเค โปรโมชั่น) is a short-lived Thai film production company founded in the late 1980's.


CK Promotion.jpeg

Logo: On a black background, the grid moves to the bottom. After it stops, the night sky with landscape fades in. The starfield zooming towards us fades in. Then "CK (with line next to K) PROMOTION" zooms in and glows. The Thai translation does the same motion as the red text, but this time in cyan.

Technique: Typical 2D Scanimate animation.

Music/Sounds: A fanfare made by trumpets and drumbeats.

Availability: So far, Phechr s̄lạm, Phechr Henux Phechr and Khotr hod den khn are the only films that contain this logo.

Legacy: Another example of an 80s style logo.

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