CEL Producciones Videograficas

From Audiovisual Identity Database

(Early-Late 1980s)

CEL Producciones Videograficas (1984).png

Logo: On a black background, a red, yellow & green colored rectangle wipes above slowly. Then, a pair of black lines wipe in rapidly as it forms a bunch of colored squares. Then it wipes slowly again onto the right to form the letters "CEL". Then, a bunch of colored squares come out from the letters, by wiping, again. Then the text "PRODUCCIONES VIDEOGRAFICAS S.A." appear underneath it. After a few seconds, the entire logo wipes out below.

Technique: Decent 2D computer animations.

Music/Sounds: An upbeat, synthesized theme.

Availability: Extremely rare.

Legacy: The logo's animation seems rather decent at the time, due to the fact that it was entirely made in an old school computer.

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