CBeebies (Australia) IDs

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Paint (2008-present)

ID: Same as the UK version.

Technique: Same as the UK version.

Music/Sounds: Same as the UK version.

Availability: Current.

Animals (2009-present)

ID: On a blue CBeebies background, various bugs form into animals like a koala, a bird, a platypus, a kangaroo and a lizard. Bugs try to form into normal again, while other bugs come onto the screen to splodge together, resulting in forming into the CBeebies logo. 4 bugs remain.

Technique: Autodesk Maya animation from Foxtel Television Centre.

Music/Sounds: Bug sounds and animals sounds, even though the bird one has kids laughing in the background.

Availability: Current. Not that rare.

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