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Logo description and video capture by bigladiesman and naxo-ole

Background: C.B. Films was apparently created in 1939 (the same year the Spanish Civil War ended) as a distribution company, both for local and foreign films and it lasted until 1994, even entering production world in the late 60's. C.B. distributed, between other feature films, the "official" James Bond films, from Dr. No until Octopussy. For further info, check imdb (http://www.imdb.com/company/co0069351/) and this other site (http://www.basecine.net/ficha_dp.php?)

1st (known) Logo (1960's-1994)

Logo: We fade to a starfield from the black background. Then, four sparks start glowing to end up forming four 6-pointed stars. Meanwhile, a golden, sparkling "CB" zooms in à la "V of Doom" and places itself in the center of the screen, just when the four stars are totally formed. Then, a golden three-lined circle starts surrounding the CB, uniting the stars, while the word "films" (in a cursive font that resembles the "Magneto" type), also in gold, write themselves down just below, sparkling. The word "PRESENTA" wipes in (appearing left-to-right) below the finished logo.

Variant: On the variant with the Atlantic Releasing sound effects, the logo stretches in from the left (like in the video editing softwares).

Technique: The sparks, the circles appearing, the word "films" writing itself

Music/Sounds: A somewhat nostalgic orchestral tune (see the link on the thread below to watch a video of the logo with the original tune. By Guillermo A. Martínez).Sometimes this logo plastered other logos, and its music was heard instead of the orchestral tune. For instance, same music as heard in the 2nd Atlantic Releasing Company logo.

Availability: Presumably Extinct.

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