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On August 10, 2004, Viacom, Inc. formed "CBS Paramount International Television" as a merger of two successful international television companies: Paramount International Television and CBS Broadcast International. That same date, Viacom formed the CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group as a result of two television production companies: Paramount Network Television and CBS Productions. Their respective names and logos, however, were kept. After the CBS and Viacom split was made official on December 31, 2005, beginning on January 17, 2006, the CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group and Paramount Domestic Television became part of the new semi-independent CBS Corporation. Because of this new ownership, it was decided that CBS would add their name to the studio's television unit, thus creating CBS Paramount Television, consisting of CBS Paramount Network Television, CBS Paramount Domestic Television, and CBS Paramount International Television (spun-off as "CBS Studios International" (now Paramount Global Content Distribution) in 2009). The transition was quick but gradually done, with copyrights to "CBS Studios Inc." appearing on shows such as Entertainment Tonight as early as February. Although, the post-2006 episodes of shows like CSI still kept the copyright to 'CBS Broadcasting, Inc.' The logos would make their debut by early summer '06, with CBS Paramount Television's "Eye in the Sky" syndication logo debuting on May 29th, 2006 - Memorial Day on that day's run of syndicated daytime programming from the company, retiring this one in September 2007 when the CBS Television Distribution logo debuted, since its formation on September 26, 2006 by King World, CBS Paramount Domestic Television, CBS Paramount International Television, and CBS Home Entertainment. The network television logo, "Wallpaper," wouldn't appear on TV screens until June 11, 2006 on season 3 of The 4400 on USA.

On May 15, 2009, the post-2006 CBS Corporation (formerly the "old" Viacom) ended its three-year licensing rights to the Paramount name and logo from the post-2006 Viacom, which owned Paramount Pictures. As a result, the CBS Paramount Television Group and its network television arm were rebranded as "CBS Television Studios". In addition, the then-revived CBS Paramount International Television was renamed "CBS Studios International", and the revived CBS Productions was reincorporated as its in-name-only unit. For the first time on network television since 1966, the "Paramountain" or anything resembling Paramount's symbol is nowhere to be seen; however, the post-2006 Viacom relaunched Paramount's television division in 2013. New and returning television shows have copyright for CBS Studios Inc. with exceptions of the new seasons of the CSI franchise, which have copyright for CBS Broadcasting Inc. On October 8, 2020, ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global) announced that CBS Television Studios would be rebranded to simply "CBS Studios", as part of a major rebrand that unifies all CBS operations and divisions.

CBS Paramount Television

1st Logo (May 29, 2006-2008)

Logo: We see a large bluish CBS Eye in a cloudscape reminiscent of the 2002 Paramount Ultra Majestic Mountain. In the foreground, the words "CBS Paramount" (with the company names in their respective typeface) appear above a line which has "TELEVISION" written underneath. The company name has an Eyemark to the left of it, and a Paramount print logo at the right, and everything is in white with a gold outline. The text and the print logos slowly zoom out together. The entire logo is in 3D, and a lens flare shines over the entire background.


  • On the digitally-restored-and-remastered Star Trek: The Original Series, there is a silent widescreen version of the logo in several variations: one with "(C) *[YEAR] Paramount Pictures Corporation" below, one with the Paramount and Norway copyright and the pre-1968 Paramount logo, one without a copyright, and one with the late-1960s copyright information and the Gulf+Western byline at the bottom of the screen. The Gulf+Western variant of this logo was last seen on TV Land's reruns of Star Trek: The Original Series. The same variant plastered the 1968 Paramount Television "Split Box" logo.
  • A print version existed on a few Star Trek games. One of them was Tactical Assault for the PSP.
  • A black and white variant exists.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A five-note fanfare that sounds a little like the ending of the then-current CBS Evening News theme. The logo may also have the end theme playing over it, or no music at all.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Some shows like Dr. Phil and Judge Joe Brown have a different arrangement of the theme.
  • A longer version starts with a low brass note (A) and segues all the way to the music.
  • Sometimes, the 1987 Paramount Television jingle is heard, as well as many other music from its logos (mostly the 1987 one), due to a plastering error.
  • On the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Arena" which appears on the Star Trek: TOS - The Roddenberry Vault Blu-ray, the 2007 CBS Television Distribution fanfare is heard over the logo.

Music/Sounds Trivia: There is confirmed to be an even longer version of this theme, which starts with a buildup, then a 5-note orchestral theme, until then continuing like the long version, with ambience being heard after the last note. This is heard with the CBS Television Distribution logo on the format sales presentations to The Brady Bunch and Becker.

Availability: Uncommon.

  • It used to appear mostly on first-run syndicated programming from CBS Paramount Domestic Television, which were Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Montel, and Entertainment Tonight. It was widely expected that this logo would plaster the 1995 and 2002 Paramount Television logos on repeats of shows belonging to their extensive catalog, but this was not the case except on some DVDs.
  • Also seen several times on Star Trek: The Original Series on MeTV.
  • The silent version is seen on reruns of Twin Peaks and S1 of Beauty and the Beast on Chiller and the S1 DVD releases of Girlfriends (intact on Pluto TV airings), Family Ties, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and the S2 DVD release of Dynasty.
  • This is also seen on S1 DVDs of the original Hawaii Five-O and newer S1 reruns of said show, Star Trek: The Original Series, and S1 episodes of Bosom Buddies on MeTV and DVD.
  • Episodes of the 2000 series of the UK version of Wheel of Fortune aired on Challenge have this succeeding the Scottish Television logo. CBS Paramount International Television owned the international distribution rights to Wheel of Fortune. However, due to allegations against the presenter of Wheel of Fortune at that time, this season is no longer aired, with the rest using CBS Studios International or just the Scottish Television logo instead.
  • It has also more recently been spotted on some episodes of Perry Mason on MeTV and FETV (black and white variant).
  • The version with the fanfare can oddly be seen on episodes of Survivor on DVD that aired as late as 2008.

2nd Logo (June 11, 2006-July 11, 2009)

Logo: On a black screen, we see the CBS Eyemark logo zooming out to the middle. We later see two streaks of light pass through the words "CBS Paramount", a line, and "TELEVISION" below it, in the same design as the Domestic TV logo except for the print logos, which are omitted. The company name quickly zooms out to the center of the screen, with "CBS" zooming out first, and "Paramount TELEVISION" zooming out second. The background quickly fades to a navy blue background with a wallpaper of CBS Eyes and Paramount print logos in a curved pattern and shining light rays filling the screen. The name later zooms in slowly.

Trivia: The "Eyemark/Mountain" logo is a throwback to the 1959-1962 "CBS Eyemark Wallpaper" logo.


  • There is a black & white variant of this logo used on B&W shows.
  • Sometimes, the animation is slower.
  • A rare extended version exists that starts closer to the center CBS Eyemark on the wallpaper as we zoom out. The animation is slightly slower and the logo stays on-screen for an extra second before fading out.
  • "In Association With" appears above the logo on The House Next Door.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An airy, six-note jingle followed by a harp. Often times, the end theme plays over it or none.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, it used the music from the first logo.
  • Shows by CBS Paramount Domestic Television used a more orchestrated version of the theme. This happened beginning in November 2006.
  • Although most network shows from CBS Paramount Network Television used the "Network" arrangement of the theme, some network shows like NCIS, 7th Heaven, Comanche Moon and Everybody Hates Chris used the "Domestic" arrangement of the theme.
  • There is a shorter three-note variant that just features the last three notes. Three arrangements of this theme exist.
  • The short theme is sped-up on seasons 2-3 of The Game.
  • A warp-speed version of both the original and shortened versions exist.
  • On the Wings episodes "Joe Blows, Part 1" and "Joe Blows, Part 2" on the season 5 DVD, on Spanish prints of a few S2 episodes of Diagnosis: Murder such as "Many Happy Returns", and on one episode on Girlfriends: The Complete Second Season on DVD, the 1987 Paramount Television theme is heard, probably due to sloppy plastering.
  • Russian airings of Sabrina the Teenage Witch from season 2 and 3 had the 1990 Viacom "Wigga-Wigga" music (without voice over) play over it instead, probably due to sloppy plastering once again.
  • One episode of CSI: Miami on Fox Crime had this with the shortened CBS Television Studios music. Also seen on Paramount+ prints of at least one NCIS episode from this era. This is probably a reverse plaster.
  • NBC, CBS and The CW airings used their generic themes and voice-overs.
  • On Spanish prints of a few S1 episodes of The Love Boat, the 1988 Worldvision Enterprises theme in low-tone is heard over the logo.
  • On an NTSC DVD print of Comanche Moon, this logo has the music of the Sony Pictures Television logo, while the latter logo uses the CPTV music. This is probably due to an editing error.
  • The above extended version has the theme starting halfway through the animation.
  • On Encore Westerns, one episode of Rawhide had the 1976 Viacom "V of Doom" music in warp-speed over the short B&W logo.
  • On some S2 episodes of The Game, the 2007 CBS Television Distribution music is used. This is probably due to a reverse plaster.

Availability: Common for the network version and uncommon for the domestic version.

  • This logo was rather prevalent on programs from CBS and The CW during the 2006-2009 television seasons. This logo also appeared on syndicated programs from November 2006 until 2007.
  • It's also featured on most CBS Paramount Television series on DVD from 2007 to early April 2009, including seasons 3-5 of JAG (H&I airings of seasons 3 and 4 have this logo), season 4 of Wings, seasons 2-3 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, seasons 3-4 of Walker, Texas Ranger, season 2 of Diagnosis: Murder, and season 1 of Matlock.
  • It was seen on some contemporary prints (excluding the 2014 DVD release because the CTD logo was used) and Encore Suspense airings of Perry Mason Returns as well as some contemporary prints of Return to Mayberry (excluding a recent MeTV broadcast and possibly DVD and Blu-Ray releases) and is seen on episodes of The Wild Wild West on MeTV and Decades, plastering the 1995 Paramount Domestic Television and older Viacom logos, along with some restored episodes of The Odd Couple and Rawhide on MeTV and H&I and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour on Decades. It was also seen on a March 2020 FETV airing of the Perry Mason finale, "The Case of the Final Fade-out."
  • The extended version can be found on a very early 2007 episode of The Montel Williams Show and the failed pilot of The Way.
  • The slowed-down version (which is basically the extended version, but shortened) can be seen on shows like the 2nd half of season 8 and season 9 of CSI, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.
  • This logo was also seen on an episode of Rawhide that aired May 27, 2010 on Encore Westerns, plastering the warp-speed "V of Doom" logo.
  • The domestic variant can be found on episodes of Survivor: Fiji on DVD.
  • Don't expect this logo and the Touchstone Television logo to appear on later episodes of The Amazing Race, despite the two companies being involved in that series.

CBS Television Studios

1st Logo (September 8, 2009-)

Logo: On a blue background, we see the CBS Eyemark logo zooming in from the right to the left at warp speed. Then the text "CBS" (in the Akzidenz-Grotesk font), with the words "TELEVISION STUDIOS" (in Myriad) below and the Eyemark next to it, zooms out to its distant position with reflections fading in below them afterward.


  • This logo is available in standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 formats.
  • On shows like Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight, the widescreen 16:9 version is cropped to widescreen 18:9 or scope 21:9/2.35:1.
  • A sped-up version exists.
  • A more common short version starts with the logo zooming out.
  • Another shortened version exists where it only shows the finished product of the logo, but it is almost still because the background is still animating.
  • A completely still version exists.
  • An early version of this has a turquoise background. This was seen on the 2009 revival of Melrose Place and seasons 1-4 of NCIS: New Orleans.
  • On Most Dangerous Game, the logo uses the same details from the CBS Broadcasting logo and is seen next to the Blackjack Films, Mayhem Pictures and Silver Reel logos.
  • On Console Wars, the logo is set on a TV and is pixelated, and only portions of the blue background are revealed through pixels. The logo glitches near the end.
  • The black & white version of The Twilight Zone uses a B&W variant.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A 6-note horn/orchestral sounder with a timpani roll and suspended cymbal roll on the second-to-last note and the ringing of a bell at the end; composed by James Horner (and bears a vague resemblance to the 2006 CBS Evening News theme). However, some shows would have the end theme tunes accompany this logo, or none at all.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • For the shortened version, it's the last two notes of the theme.
  • On some shows like Jane the Virgin, only the last note is heard.
  • On the 2018 revival of Magnum P.I., the first note of the short theme is cut in half.
  • On the pilot episodes of the short-lived 2nd incarnation of Melrose Place and Vegas, we hear the 2009 CBS Productions music.
  • There is a warp-speed version of the fanfare.
  • S6-S9 episodes of CSI: NY have the normal logo with the short music.
  • There is another arrangement of the fanfare heard on shows like Extant (season 2 episodes), Zoo, The Neighborhood, and some shows co-produced by Warner Bros. Television, Universal Television and Sony Pictures Television. It's basically an altered version of the fanfare: it has the first five notes of the fanfare, but in a higher octave.
  • CBS' own network (including the voiceover announcements until the fall of 2020), The CW, ABC and Fox used their generic themes.
  • On Console Wars, the opening theme is playing with a whoosh sound on it.
  • On the failed pilot of Mother's Day (aka Life&Kids), a grand bell is heard as the Eyemark shines, after the closing theme.

Availability: Common.

  • This debuted on the series premiere of the short-lived 2nd incarnation of Melrose Place (although the CBS Productions logo appears on off-network prints) and The Vampire Diaries on The CW Television Network, as well as other then-new shows like NCIS: Los Angeles and then-new seasons of returning shows like the original NCIS, the CSI franchise, the revival of Hawaii Five-0 (beginning with S3) and all others on the CBS Television Network, as well as other networks and streaming services like Paramount Network and Netflix.
  • It also debuted on the new season premiere of Medium, once aired for four years on NBC and then on CBS for its final two.
  • It also appeared on The Game seasons 4-9 on BET.
  • The nearly still version appears on Jane the Virgin, Flashpoint, and the 2018 revival of Magnum P.I.
  • The completely still version appears on the Starz original series Power.
  • Despite this logo being replaced due to the CBS Studios rebranding, this logo can strangely be seen on the VOD releases of season 11 of Blue Bloods for the season premiere, while the CBS airings used the new CBS Studios logo. This logo is also still seen on the Power spin-offs.
  • The short version makes a surprise appearance on the DVD release of the 2003 made-for-TV movie Finding John Christmas, right after the Viacom Productions logo.
  • Don't expect to see this on Amazon Prime Video international prints of season 1 Star Trek: Picard despite producing the series, as they not only removed this logo but they also removed the CBS All Access Originals logo due to Amazon handling the show outside of the USA and Canada.
  • This logo and the ABC Studios logo never appeared on later episodes of The Amazing Race, even though the two companies produced that show.

2nd Logo (June 25, 2020-January 7, 2021)

Logo: Same as the previous logo, but animated differently. On an animating background in different shades of blue, we see the CBS Eyemark, slightly tilted, zooming in with the same movement as the previous logo. Then it segues into a bright flash that soon dissipates, revealing the text "CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS" (with "TELEVISION STUDIOS" now in a blue-black gradient) rotating into their positions. A white line is drawn in the center below the logo and the byline "A VIACOMCBS COMPANY" slides in from the line, animating like the Microsoft PowerPoint "Peek In" effect.


  • Widescreen 16:9, 18:9 and scope 2.39:1 versions of this logo exist.
  • A short version exists, starting from when the eye and "CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS" rotate into position. Seen on The Comey Rule.
  • Like the previous logo, a black & white variant is used on the B&W version of season 2 of The Twilight Zone.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The shortened version of the music from the previous logo, or often a long version.

Availability: Rarer than the previous logo, as it was short-lived due to the rebranding to CBS Studios. Can be seen on the second season of the CBS All Access incarnation of The Twilight Zone, the third season of Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks and The Comey Rule.

CBS Studios

(October 8, 2020-)

Logo: Same as CBS' 2020 ID, except that the eye moves to the left as the text "CBS STUDIOS" in TT Norms Pro wipes in to the right, and the byline fades in below.


  • October 8, 2020-: "A VIACOMCBS COMPANY"
  • April 21, 2022-: "A PARAMOUNT COMPANY" in the Paramount Peak Sans typeface.


  • A 3-second short version exists, which starts with the Eyemark zooming out.
  • An alternative 2-second short version starts when the Eyemark moves to the left and the name forms.
  • A widescreen 18:9 version exists.
  • A still version exists.
  • A scope version exists, wherein the logo is cropped to 21:9/2.35:1 and the byline is shifted up.
  • An opening version exists. On a black background, we see the white text "A CBS STUDIOS PRODUCTION" fading in and out.
    • On the final season of Dead to Me, the font is different.
  • On shows co-produced with another studio, the opening text is different:
    • On Why Women Kill, the opening text reads "A CBS STUDIOS AND IMAGINE TELEVISION STUDIOS PRODUCTION". Also, it cuts in and out rather than fading in and out.
    • On The Republic of Sarah and season 3 of In the Dark, the opening text reads "A CBS STUDIOS AND WARNER BROS. TELEVISION PRODUCTION".
    • On Magnum P.I. starting with season 4, the opening text reads "A CBS STUDIOS AND UNIVERSAL TELEVISION PRODUCTION".
  • In Antfood's CBS jingle case study video on Vimeo, the logo is bylineless.

Technique: 2D animation, same as the 2020 CBS National ID, designed by Gretel.


  • Same as CBS' 2020 ID composed by Antfood, with the addition of a camera shutter at the beginning.
  • Sometimes, the closing theme plays over, as heard on Your Honor and the 2021 Gossip Girl sequel series.
  • Otherwise, it's silent, especially the opening variant.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the first two season 3 episodes of the 2018 version of Magnum P.I., the 2011 Universal Television and CBS Television Studios jingles are played over this logo due to an editing error.
  • On some shows, the jingle is sped up.
  • On Clarice and even episodes of the 2021 reboot of The Equalizer, only the last 4 notes of the jingle are heard.
  • On The Man Who Fell to Earth and Fire Country, the camera shutter sound is absent.
  • CBS, The CW, NBC, and Fox airings use a generic theme on this logo.

Availability: Current.

  • First seen on the CBS Studios social media pages on the day of CBS' rebrand, October 8, 2020, and later seen on new seasons of their current and then-current shows which are NCIS, The Game, Blue Bloods, The Talk, Bull, Riverdale, The Good Fight, Star Trek: Discovery, SEAL Team, S.W.A.T, The Neighborhood, All American, Legacies, Blood & Treasure, Dead to Me, Why Women Kill, The Unicorn and Tooning Out the News.
  • It also appeared on their new and future productions that they produced from 2020 onwards such as How We Roll, All American: Homecoming, SkyMed, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Tom Swift, Fairview, For Heaven's Sake and Players, among many others.
  • It also appears on the former CBS Broadcasting productions which are The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
  • It also plasters both CBS Television Studios logos on Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) originals as of March 4, 2021. Also seen on shows produced by CBS Eye Animation Productions (such as The Harper House and Star Trek: Prodigy) as they do not use their own logo.
  • The version with the Paramount byline debuted on Bull, starting with "The Other Shoe". As of now, it is used alongside the ViacomCBS byline, although that could change in the foreseeable future.
  • This and the Paramount+ logo is remained intact at the end of season 2 of Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime Video international prints in which the show was shown in other countries unlike season 1 which removes the CBS Television Studios and CBS All Access logos.
  • Again, don't expect this logo and the ABC Signature logo to appear on later episodes of The Amazing Race, despite the two companies being involved in that series.

Copyright Stamps

Here is some information about the copyright stamps on CBS Studios shows:

  • 2006-: Copyright © [YEAR] by CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2006-2015; 2021-: Copyright © [YEAR] by CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. (Used on the CSI: franchise, The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.)
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