C&C Television Corporation

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Descriptions by
Ryan Holman

Captures by
Ryan Holman

Editions by
Ryan Holman & TVB

Video captures courtesy of
MeesterFonnyboy, LogicSmash and EAS CEC


C&C Television Corporation was the television unit of Cantrell & Cochrane Limited, a beverage manufacturer. In December 1955, the company purchased the television rights to most of the RKO Radio Pictures film library, from General Tire and Rubber Company. However, the deal did not apply to cities where General Tire had a television station. Eventually, in 1971, C&C's corporate successor TransBeacon went bankrupt and the television rights to the RKO library went to United Artists and Marian Pictures. Currently, Warner Bros. Pictures holds these rights via Turner Entertainment Co.

(1955-Late 1960s?)

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Logo: Against a black background, "MOVIETIME" is seen in a straight, white font. The "O" (stylized like a clock) with "USA" at the bottom of the clock is bigger than the rest of the text. Meanwhile, much smaller, the white text "C&C" is seen in front of 3 wheels and the white text "TELEVISION CORP." is seen below "C&C". The text & the wheels are seen on the top right corner.

Technique: The logo fading in.

Music/Sounds: None, or the opening theme/audio to the movie.

Availability: Near extinction. This logo plastered the RKO logo on television prints of their films that were in circulation through the late 1970s, after C&C exited the television distribution business. At that point, restored prints entered circulation.

  • Can be seen on some public domain releases of Danger Lights.
  • The 1995 United American Video Corporation VHS release of The Painted Desert has this logo.
  • Some television broadcasts of Everybody's Doing It and Nevada may contain this logo.
  • Can be seen on 7flix in Australia as they still air old C&C prints of RKO movies during the early hours of the morning.
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