Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Italy)

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Descriptions by
Nicholas Aczel, Sean Beard, Kris Starring, Dan DeCosta, thestudioghiblifan, KyleJaker1988, and others

Captures by
Eric S., wisp2007, Curiousgeorge60, VPJHuk and ENunn

Editions by
wisp2007, iheartparamount, Bob Fish, V of Doom, DreamMechanic, Nathan B., Optimus Prime 2000, ENunn, Frozen Hater, Unnepad, WetPaintLogo1993, Bree, VPJHuk and BaldiBasicsFan

Video captures courtesy of
Matthew Baylis, BrerJake90, bigvoice313, EnormousRat, - VPJLogo - and ENunn


This was the Italian division of Buena Vista Home Entertainment.


Logo: On a lavender gradient background, we see the Disney castle forming (like in the movie logo, but from bottom to top rather than top to bottom). The arc is drawn counter-clockwise over the castle, and the words "Buena Vista Home Video" zoom in from the castle, one by one.


  • Starting in 1994, the background is now a sky blue gradient and instead of reading "Buena Vista Home Video", it reads "Buena Vista Home Entertainment" in a slightly different serif font.
  • Alongside the logo's change in 1994, the Buena Vista Home Video name in the warning text is now "BUENA VISTA HOME ENTERTAINMENT", and the final text now says "Distribuzione a cura di: BUENA VISTA HOME ENTERTAINMENT via S. Sandri, 1 - 20121 - Milano tel. 29085.1" ("Distribution by: BUENA VISTA HOME ENTERTAINMENT S. Sandri Street, 1 - 20121 - Milan tel. 29085.1").

Technique: Standard '90s computer effects.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Appears on Italian Buena Vista releases from the time period.