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This is a production company founded and ran by Brett Kelly (no relation to the actor who appeared in Bad Santa) based in Ottawa, Canada. The company (or better yet, the man behind it) is infamous for gearing out many low quality films (including Jurassic Shark which previously had the honor of being #2 in IMDB's worst rated films).


Logo: On a black background with a very bright spotlight in the middle, we see the Brett Kelly Entertainment logo (a black circular outline containing a solid blue circle that's getting grabbed by a hand with "BRETT KELLY ENTERTAINMENT" below it in blue) facing backwards. It spins forward and turns slightly before flipping again and stoping. The logo shines and remains on screen for a few seconds before fading out.

Technique: The spinning.

Music/Sounds: A droning synth chord.

Availability: Was seen on Homicycle. It might've also appeared on any Brett Kelly film that came out after 2012 (at least according to the company's IMDB page)

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