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Boxing Cat Films is Tim Allen's production company that was formed as early as 1990, and became fully active in 2002, only to get shut down in 2006. It re-formed in 2009 after a short hiatus.

1st Logo (1990-1991)

Logo: On a grey box, we see a cat in a boxing pose (encased in a yellow circle). The cat rapidly throws some air punches before freezing. The words "BOXING" "C A T" and "PRODUCTIONS" is beneath the logo in a Times New Roman font.

Technique: The punching animation, which, along with the overall design, look very cheap.

Music/Sounds: Punching noises, followed by the sound of a bell.

Availability: Appeared on Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs, which is available on Hulu and Tim Allen Rewires America, which can be found on Vudu.

2nd Logo (November 1, 2002-)

Logo: On a white background, we see a close-up of some arms with boxing gloves, punching a punching bag several times for a few seconds. Then it punches the screen causing us to zoom out to reveal a cat in a boxing pose wearing red shorts with a belt saying "BC" on it as its head turns down to reveal that it's standing on a white rectangular box. The words "BOXING CAT", in a black rectangular shape, and "FILMS", both in a Copperplate font, zooms out.


  • There is a still variant of the logo that is in the white box on a black background.
  • On Crazy on the Outside, the background turns into an aging piece of paper, and the camera moves to the left as we transition into the movie.

Technique: The cat punching the bag, the zoom-out of the logo. None for the still variant.

Music/Sounds: A couple of punching sounds, followed by a loud orchestral hit. None for the still variant.

Music/Sounds Variant: There is an extremely rare variant that uses very fast punching sounds, followed by a bell ring.

Availability: Can be seen on films from the company, such as The Santa Clause 2, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, and Crazy on the Outside.

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