Blue Mantis

From Audiovisual Identity Database


Logo: On a white background, a praying mantis falls down from the bottom of the screen where it bounces a few times before settling. It is depicted in bright blue save for it's abdomen where it is in beige and has a squiggly shape in the background's color on it's face. Then, "BLUE MANTiS" emerges by rising up from the bottom. It is in black sans the first letters for both words which are in red. The "E" has points on both the top and bottom parts as does the "S" on both ends which seem to resemble mantis pincers while the "i" has a swirl instead of a dot.

Technique: The mantis falling and text rising.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on hentai videos from them, most notably Private Psycho Lesson.

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