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1st Bumper (1999)

Bumper: On a yellow background, we see Larry the Cucumber staring at us and smiling upside-down. Next to him is the blue text "Please stay tuned for more trailers after the show" in the Hotsy Totsy font.

Technique: Just the simple fade-in and fade-out.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare for the most part, but it was only seen on the 1999 Lyrick Studios releases of the VeggieTales episodes Very Silly Songs! and Josh & The Big Wall!. Some other VeggieTales tapes use [If they had any] the Lyrick Studios bumper instead. This was only used for a year, before being replaced by the next bumpers described below.

2nd Bumper (2001-2004)

Bumper: On a plain white background, we see the red text "Stay tuned for more after the show." in the Impact font.

Variants: Depending on the variant:

  • On the 2001 and 2003 VHS releases of VeggieTales: Lyle the Kindly Viking, and the 2003 VHS releases of VeggieTales: Rack, Shack & Benny, VeggieTales: Josh and the Big Wall! and VeggieTales: The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown, a similar bumper is seen in a different font on a lavender background with white text saying "STAY TUNED AFTER THE SHOW FOR MORE EXCITING NEWS!". A different announcer says "Stay tuned after the show for some more exciting news from Big Idea!". If you look very closely, you can see lines and symbols, such as boomerangs in the background.
  • Another version of the variant listed above is on the VHS of 3-2-1 Penguins: The Amazing Carnival of Complaining with a blue background with blurred bubbles which has the white text saying "STAY TUNED AFTER THE SHOW" in the font of the lavender bumper. The announcer is the same one as the above version, but sounds somewhat like the 1989 Disney Feature Presentation Announcer Grant Goodeve (due to him saying it more quietly, and very fast), saying "Stay tuned after the video for a behind-the-scenes look at Big Idea's new movie, Jonah".
  • A rare version of the original version of this has the same font as the above versions, one tape that uses this is the 2002 release of Veggietales: The Star of Christmas.
  • A variant exists where the background is a blurred-up Las Vegas pattern facing to the left at a 45 degree angle. The white lights on the background are seen moving from the upper-left corner to the bottom-right corner of the screen. In front of the Las Vegas pattern, on the center of the screen, is the white text "Stay Tuned for more after our Feature Presentation!".
  • A variant of the Las Vegas variant exists where the white text says "Stay tuned for a special animated short right after our Feature Presentation!". Instead of the Big Idea Productions announcer, we hear Larry the Cucumber reading the text. The music is quieter. Also, the font of the text is slightly smaller and slightly off-center. This was only seen on the 2003 VHS release of Veggietales: The Wonderful World of Autotainment.
  • On the 2003 VHS of Jonah: A Veggietales Movie, a blue ocean background is used. A yellow television is seen showing footage of some bloopers from the film at the bottom right corner of the screen. Bordering the television is the white text "Stay Tuned for Outtakes After the Feature". As we hear the audio of the bloopers and see them playing, the announcer says "Stay tuned for some never-before seen outtakes and more after our feature".
  • Another variant of the Las Vegas variant exists where the text says "Stay Tuned after our Main Presentation for a Special Bonus Feature!". The same Big Idea Productions announcer says that text, too. This was only seen on the 2004 DVD release of Veggietales: A Snoodle's Tale.

Technique: Just the simple fade-in and fade-out.

Music/Sounds: Simply a man announcing "Stay Tuned For More After The Show". On the Las Vegas variant, it's the first fourteen notes of the "Erie Canal" song from Veggietales: The Wonderful World of Autotainment, with the male Big Idea Productions announcer saying the text, except for the word "Presentation".

Availability: Common. The variants are only seen on the tapes mentioned above, but the normal version is on some VeggieTales and Larry-Boy! The Cartoon Adventures tapes. The Las Vegas variant is rare, as it is seen on only 2 VHS's and 1 DVD.

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