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Beograd Film was a Yugoslav production and distribution enterprise from Belgrade. The company owned all 14 of Belgrade's largest cinema halls, and also distributed a variety of foreign and Yugoslav titles on VHS. Some of their own titles were leased for release to the Sarajevo-based record label Diskoton.


Logo: The logo opens with a black grid on a grey background. Several dark blue and white squares appear to into the star briefly and into an eye. The eye begins morphing into another shape: the female face of a statue, and the background turns reddish-orange. The face then morphs into a shot of a doorway at the top of a staircase, framed by arches and two white statues. This scene "zooms out" by further morphing into a shot of the same doorway, now revealed to be part of a larger monument surrounded by bushes. The squares rearrange themselves into a miniature representation of the monument with the letters "BF" on it, and the words "BEOGRAD•FILM" below. Finally, the squares arrange themselves into the last shape: an enlarged version of the "BF" symbol. A single square separates from the symbol and crashes into it, which morphs into the word "PRIKAZUJE" in white letters (meaning "presents"). Several black squares flicker around the screen as the scene fades.

Trivia: The monument seen in the logo is Belgrade's Monument to the Unknown Hero, located on the Avala mountain. Ironically, a company called Avala film, also from Belgrade, never featured the monument in any of its logos.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: Vintage synth music accompanies the logo.

Availability: Uncommon. All DVD releases that this author has seen of the company's films omit any logos that originally accompanied it. However, it can still be found on most VHS tapes released by Beograd Film in the late 1980's and early 1990's, as well as most VHS releases of their films by Diskoton.

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