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This is the production company of John D. Beck and Ron Hart, creators of Liv and Maddie.

(July 19, 2013-March 24, 2017)

Logo: We see cutouts of some faint green hills on a light blue paper background, with drawings of trees, bushes, three colorful butterflies, and some flowers surrounding the landscape respectively. In the middle of the drawing, there are respective cutouts of John D. Beck and Ron Hart holding their hands in the air, with Beck on the left having yellow hair, a light blue striped shirt, grey pants and white shoes, and Hart on the right wearing glasses with brown hair, a black shirt, and light blue pants, and wearing the same shoes as Beck. Beck can be seen holding a footlong sandwich in his hand, while Hart has a pepperoni pizza in his hand. Surrounding all of this is an orange border around the drawing, accompanied with respective colorful cutouts of butterflies, cupcakes, ice cream cones and flowers. Inside the drawing, we see the white words "Beck & Hart" at the top, and "Productions" at the bottom in the Gill Sans font respectively, in a border with colors alternating between blue and orange for each letter.

Variants: Depending on the episode, there will mostly be a customised variant of the logo; or a soundbite playing over the standard version in some cases. Here is a exhaustive list of all the variants used.

  • S1 E18: "Flashback-a-Rooney": The real faces of John D. Beck and Ron Hart appear superimposed on their drawn bodies, referencing in-episode where Liv sees a picture of her and Maddie when they were younger on their bedroom wall coming to life, with their real faces in place of the drawing.
  • S2 E3: "Helgaween-A-Rooney": A drawing of Helga in a Batman-esque costume appears in the logo as bats surround her, with Beck and Hart presenting their offerings of pizza and sandwiches. Helga is heard shouting "KNEEL BEFORE HELGA!" over it. A bat is also seen knocking out the "k" in "Beck".
  • S2 E10: "Rate-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen holding up sheets of paper with "10" on them in place of their food. Karen (the mother of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker in the show) is heard saying, "What'cha doing, Honeybunch?".
  • S2 E15: "Repeat-a-Rooney": Ms. Snodgrass says, "Snodgrass, out."
  • S2 E16: "Cook-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen holding up copies of the home economic teacher's self-published memoirs, as Clodfelter says "Whip it and flip it."
  • S2 E17: "Prom-a-Rooney": Parker and Joey say "Honk, honk!"
  • S2 E18: "Flugelball-a-Rooney": Parker says "Zip your soup cooler."
  • S2 E19: "Band-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are replaced with a picture of Crispy Kitty's album cover with their drawn faces appearing on the cover. Joey and Artie shout "CRISPY KITTY!" in unison.
  • S2 E20: "Video-a-Rooney": Willow shouts "To the extreme!"
  • S2 E21: "Triangle-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are moved to the right to make room for Johnny Nimbus, who is standing next to them with Nimbus At Night's chicken puppet Janice squawking.
  • S2 E22: "Frame-a-Rooney": Karen says "Paella."
  • S2 E23: "SPARF-a-Rooney": Joey says "Ron and John?"
  • S2 E24: "Champ-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen sandwiched between a large group photo of all the crew members and cast who worked on Liv and Maddie during that show's said season. Some boys are heard saying "Boom, chicken soup!" as the logo appears.
  • S3 E1: "Continued-a-Rooney": Two planes appear in the background, with the left showing Diggie's face on it while the other has the faces of Maddie and Joey on it, with the former blocking out part of the "t" in "Hart". Parker is heard saying, "No one questions poop, yo."
  • S3 E2: "Voltage-a-Rooney": Liv (as SkyVolt, the superhero alter ego of her Voltage character Tess), appears zapping Beck and Hart, as some boys shout, "Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!"
  • S3 E3: "Co-Star-a-Rooney": Artie appears right in front of Beck and Hart, while he and Gemma shout "End scene!"
  • S3 E4: "Haunt-a-Rooney": Joey (with a large head; wearing a green shirt with a kitten on it, blue pants, and brown shoes) appears next to Hart, looking into the camera giving both thumbs up. Parker is seen wearing a hot dog costume with the same thumbs up to the far left. Also, an extra ampersand with an orange border appears below "Hart", with "JOEY" in a blue, custom font; making it somewhat say "Beck & Hart & Joey". Johnny Nimbus is heard saying "Here's Johnny!" (a reference to The Shining) over the logo.
  • S3 E5: "Cowbell-a-Rooney": The drawings are replaced with a photograph of Beck and Hart holding each other while sitting on the back of a cow. Maddie is heard shouting "You just got milked!".
  • S3 E6: "Grandma-a-Rooney": Maddie says "What a crazy pair!" over it.
  • S3 E7: "Meatball-a-Rooney": Beck is seen holding a Voltage First Aid kit while Hart holds a Veg-A-Meat-A-Ball-Inator in place of their foods. Joey is heard saying "A little slippy on the grippy." over it.
  • S3 E8: "Ask Her More-a-Rooney": Uncle Martucci is seen grabbing Beck and Hart's heads with his fists as the two get scared of them. Parker is heard saying "It's a sitchiation."
  • S3 E9: "Joy to-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen posing with Santa while large red and green presents appear on both sides of them, as Pete says "Christmas."
  • S3 E10: "Ridgewood-a-Rooney": The drawings of Beck and Hart hold artwork-based photos (the former with a sad female face and the latter with a large wide photo of a Linda & Heather-themed locker) in place of their foods respectively, while Parker appears to the far left, wearing a Ridgewood outfit. Joey whispers in a creepy voice, "It's happening..."
  • S3 E11: "Coach-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen with sad faces holding plaster buckets in their hands, while a person in coach-based attire appears to the far right of them. Ms. Snodgrass says "Bam! What?"
  • S3 E12: "Secret-Admirer-a-Rooney": Beck holds his footlong sandwich in his arm while he is seen with Hart's pizza, as Beck holds a plunger-like thing in his hand which gets stuck to Hart's face. Gemma makes babbling sounds over it.
  • S3 E13: "Vive-la-Rooney": The two are seen with beards while they hold Joey in a Munchbot suit. A basketball hoop appears on the far left as a ball appears shooting through. Karen says "Barre de granola?" over it.
  • S3 E14: "Dream-a-Rooney": The drawing is replaced with a black background, and shows the Beef McGravy's logo on the left, with a long humorous info in orange text to the right regarding the company. Karen says "..'Sup?" over it.
  • S3 E15: "Home Run-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart both wear a golden glove in one of their hands each, while they wear grey hats with a black trim. Josh Wilcox says "Boom! Howdy!" over it.
  • S3 E16: "Scoop-a-Rooney": Joey, with a confused expression, is seen holding a white graph board with scales, showing Beck and Hart's drawing faces on it and their first names at the top. Furthermore, the stacked text above them reads "JO-JO's NEW COOL BEST BRO". Josh and Maddie sing "The fun time there is never done!" over it.
  • S3 E17: "Choose-a-Rooney": The drawing is replaced with a photograph of Maddie and Josh kissing each other at Gemma and Johnny's wedding in-episode, with Artie saying "You can't fight the Smooneys."
  • S3 E18: "Friend-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen posing with Mr. Bustamante, who gives a thumbs up. An oven-like rocket appears shooting in the sky on the far left, while Dump Truck appears in the foreground wearing a suit. Joey is to the far right, wearing a red bandana while holding an object in his hands. Mr. Bustamante says "He's a crumb-bum!" over it.
  • S3 E19: "Skyvolt-a-Rooney": Beck holds a checkered purple-and-yellow kite in his arm as he rides with Joey, Parker, and Willow in a metallic, grey cardboard-like car with the license plate reading "JILLOW" (a reference in-show to the pairing name of Joey and Willow). Hart is seen to the right, getting shocked and zapped by the Mathious Crystal. Willow says "Like I'm gonna leave without a smooch." over it.
  • S3 E20: "Californi-a-Rooney": The drawing is replaced with a photograph of a large group photo of the cast and crew who worked on said season of Liv and Maddie. The titular duo shout "Alright, alright, alright!" over it.
  • S4 E1: "Sorta Sisters-a-Rooney": The faces of Beck and Hart are replaced with velvet drawings of Artie and "Falcon" (Joey's nickname), as the latter says "They call me Falcon." over it. A reference is made in-episode at the very end to the former, where Liv opens a package from Wisconsin, showing this drawing of Artie, causing her to scream as she, Ruby and Maddie run away from the painting. Shortly after, the painting goes closer and closer each frame, making Artie's eyes turn glowing red as scary music plays over it.
  • S4 E2: "Linda & Heather-a-Rooney": The drawings of Beck and Hart are replaced with Linda and Heather, who hold the duo's favorite foods in their hands respectively. The two girls are heard saying "Kiss, kiss, miss, miss!" over it.
  • S4 E3: "Scare-a-Rooney": Beck wears a foot outfit while Hart is covered by a chicken outfit, with a scary voice saying "Muahahaha!".
  • S4 E4: "Sing It Louder!!-a-Rooney": Joey is seen in a jetpack, holding onto Beck and Hart in his arms, with his gear clinging onto the "k" and "H" in the name. Joey is seen shouting "Mayday" over it.
  • S4 E5: "Slumber Party-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart's drawing faces are seen wearing frog suits, with two exclamation marks in silver next to it (making it read "Beck and Hart!!"), while their large shoes cover up most of the "Productions" text. A guy says "You better ask somebody." over it.
  • S4 E6: "Cali Christmas-a-Rooney": Beck, Hart, Andy Fickman and an unknown woman are seen in a large Christmas sack, while Parker is seen in a Christmas sweater inside a large present with Maddie next to it, and Johnny Nimbus dressed as Santa on a chair with Joey on him shirtless and with a red cap to the far left. Joey says "Ladies likey." over it.
  • S4 E7: "Standup-a-Rooney": "Beck" and "Hart" are replaced with "CHIPS" and "CHUCKLES" respectively in red with a yellow border and black extension. Joey appears to the right, while Parker and Val appear in formal attire to the left. Vince (imitating a Morgan Freeman voice) says "You best get one, sonny."
  • S4 E8: "Roll Model-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen riding a pelican's back, with two of them appearing on both sides in the foreground; as Parker says "Will you take a video if she poops on him?".
  • S4 E9: "Falcon-a-Rooney": The entire picture appears in black-and-white, with the drawing replaced with a white background, showing Falcon (Joey) appearing next to it with his hips on his body while using a sad expression. The stacked text "In memory of FALCON" appears to the left. A teenager's voice (likely Joey) says "California is a strange place."
  • S4 E10: "Ex-a-Rooney": Karen (in a cowboy outfit) grabs Beck and Hart with the lasso as they are tied up with sad expressions, while she says "Pew pew! Aagh!" over it.
  • S4 E11: "Tiny House-a-Rooney": The photograph is entirely a white background, with the stacked text "un film de JOHN D. BECK" (meaning "a John D. Beck film" in French) appearing in the middle (the first part in a script font), with Beck and Hart appearing to the left in blue and red work outfits. In the far top-right corner, Joey (covered entirely in grey) appears with a hat and a grey skull and sword in his hands, while an advertisement of Karen talking about her Freezy Sculpt product (written by Dr. Jonathan McClain) appears below. Ironically, McClain wrote the aforementioned episode, while Beck directed it. The Joey and Karen ones are references to what actually happens in-episode. Val sings "It's teenage Einstein" over it.
  • S4 E12: "Big Break-a-Rooney": Maddie is seen shoving chocolate cake into her mouth while she also attempts to eat the drawings of Beck and Hart, while a sound of a goat bleating is heard.
  • S4 E13: "Sing It Live!!!-a-Rooney": Parker, Joey, Ruby, Priya and Johnny Nimbus (all in performing attire) appear in place of the drawings while Parker and Joey appear showcasing their "Bacon Briefs" (a product made by the two that appeared in-episode). The logo for the fictional show-within-a-show Sing It Live!!! appears to the far left. Parker says "What's the rumpus, chum?" over it.
  • S4 E14: "Voice-a-Rooney": Much like the "Champ-a-Rooney" and "Californi-a Rooney" variants, a group photograph of all the cast and crew who worked on said season to Liv and Maddie appears in place of the drawing. The company name also appears next to each other at the top, away from each other respectively, rather than being on the top and bottom. Below "Productions", a small yellow stacked text reading "LAM Fam season 4" is shown in a plain font. Artie says "I've got issues." over it.
  • S4 E15: "End-a-Rooney": Beck and Hart are seen holding notes of "THANK YOU" and "FOR WATCHING" in their arms respectively, as a guy yells "AND CUT!", marking the end of the series.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Mostly none; but on the variants, it uses random lines or sound effects correlating to the episode (which sometimes trails off into the following Oops Doughnuts Productions logo). In a few cases, the end theme plays over it.

Availability: Seen only on Liv and Maddie.