Barnredaktionen Visar

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(October 31, 1981-April 11, 1982)

Logo: On a peach-colored background with a reddish sky and a small palm tree on the right, we see a small lake. A pink hippo rises up smiling. A small green parrot in a bowler hat flies in from the left and turns around, landing on the hippo's head. The parrot says something unintelligible as a yellow and blue circle surrounds the scenery. As the hippo "roars" twice (much like Leo the Lion), the words "BARNREADKTIONEN" and "VISAR" ("Children's Editorial Shows" in Swedish) appear above and below the circle, respectively, with both words in yellow. The background inside the circle fades to white with green spots and then fades out.

Trivia: The creatures' names are Hansson (the parrot) and Fia Jansson (the hippo), who appeared in the short-lived Swedish co-production of Sesame Street called Svenska Sesam as insert sketches teaching concepts such as numbers.

Technique: The somewhat low-budget animation, produced by Owe Gustafson.

Music/Sounds: Birds chirp in the background and water splashes. We hear Hansson's wings flap from the beginning. He says something Swedish (like "Rollin' Grollin'!" or "Mogan's slogan") in a deep voice. As the circle surrounds the area, a synthesized fanfare with drums plays. Fia, the hippo, makes a purring growl sound as she "roars".

Availability: Possibly extinct on Swedish television; this was seen on Svenska Sesam.

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