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Descriptions by
Logoboy95 and DealyDugan1995

Editions by
Hoa and Nathan B.

Video captures courtesy of
SloshedMail and Broken Saw


Barney Home Video was a vanity imprint used by The Lyons Group for releases of Barney & Friends. The label later became a part of Lyrick Studios, who was later purchased by British company HIT Entertainment.

1st Logo (September 2, 1992-September 26, 1995)

Nickname: "Barney the Dinosaur"

Logo: On the Barney & Friends Season 1 background, we see the yellow text "Barney", in the Barney corporate logo font, zooming into the center and then to the top of the screen as a blue square appears. The words "HOME VIDEO" fades in below the square, sparkling. Inside a square is a cartoon version of Barney, with his green tummy. Barney's eye shines, much like at the end of the opening credits for Barney and the Backyard Gang and Barney & Friends.


  • There is a special variant seen on trailers of some Barney home videos in which "Also Available From" (in white) on a blue star fades in on the top-corner of the screen.
  • On some videotapes, like Barney's Magical Musical Adventure, the logo replaces the original Barney & Friends title card during the theme song.

FX/SFX: 2D animation, likely done on an Ampex ADO.

Music/Sounds: A whimsical, quirky fanfare that interpolates the Barney and the Backyard Gang/& Friends theme song near the end. Composed by Bob Singleton.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On releases until Let's Pretend With Barney, the logo is silent.
  • The intro variant uses the Barney & Friends theme.
  • On Barney en Vivo en Nueva York (Barney Live! In New York City), an announcer says "Barney Y Sus Amigos".

Availability: Rare. Appears on early Barney videos, starting with the 1992 VHS of Barney's Birthday (though other copies don't have this logo and instead use just the CPT and CPB logos of the time). It was last used on Riding in Barney's Car (a.k.a. Are We There Yet?) from 1995. These VHS tapes are becoming harder and harder to find.

2nd Logo (November 7, 1995-January 24, 2017)

Nicknames: "Barney the Dinosaur II", "The Yellow Star"

Logo: We start with a yellow background, but then it suddenly reveals itself to be a CGI star spinning away from the screen and on a blue Magna Doodle-like tube, revealing a cartoon version of Barney, who is holding the tube, on a black background. As the star settles into its position, a huge flash occurs and the word "Barney", in a blue 3D stylized, Barney corporate logo font, appears in front of the tube and flies up at the top of the screen, while the words "HOME VIDEO" appear below, letter-by-letter. Barney's eye shines once, exactly much like the 1st logo.


  • A prototype variant exists where the star turns a bit differently, the flash that occurs when the star goes into its position is dim and Barney doesn't wink. This appeared on the Barney Songs screener.
  • Beginning in 1996, Barney tapes that are part of the "Classic Collection" (such as the 1996 re-prints of the Barney and the Backyard Gang videos), have a special variant in which "CLASSIC COLLECTION" appears underneath "HOME VIDEO", turning it gold instead of gray.
  • On Barney's Stu-u-u-u-pendous Puzzle Fun!, it replaces the opening title card in the Barney & Friends intro, like the last logo.

FX/SFX: CGI animation, likely done on Alias/Wavefront.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo. On Barney's Talent Show (1996), it is low-pitched.

Availability: Fairly common. Seen on VHS and DVD releases, starting with the 1995 release of Barney Songs.

  • The Classic Collection variant can be seen on tapes and DVDs with the spine with CLASSIC and Barney between COLLECTION and on DVD releases, the official DVD logo is also on the spine.
  • It last appeared on Playground Fun! (2017).
  • It also appears on international releases from PolyGram, Universal, HIT, etc. However, it doesn't appear on the original 2000 Universal UK DVD release of Barney: Let's Play School, instead, the Universal logo plasters it for some unknown reason.
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