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Banijay Entertainment (later Banijay Group) is a French media company established in 2008. On February 23, 2016, they merged with Zodiak Media Group and folded all of the latter's subsidiaries. The resulting group has 73.8% jointly owned by Stephane Courbit's LOV Group and DeAgostini, with 26.2% owned by Vivendi. Banijay now operates in 16 countries through 61 brands, as stated on their website. On 30 June 2020, the European Commission approved Banijay's purchase of Endemol Shine Group. The purchase was completed on July 3, 2020, whereby Banijay took on its current name and upscaled from its 16 territories to 22. More recently, it signed a deal with British production company Ninteen11.

1st Logo (2008-2011)

Logo: Peering at what appears to be a camera lens on a dark magenta background with a bit of pink lighting in the corner, the lens opens up to form a flash of light, beaming straight up before puffing out a trail of yellow/orange/purple smoke that rises up. The camera also cuts to a different angle as it pans up the rising smoke tower. It then cuts to a metal genie figure rising up from the clouds, with his arms crossed and a proud grin on his face, before cutting to another shot to him turning towards the camera. He does a winking motion as he begins to gloat silently and the camera quickly shifts back to reveal "banijay" in a futuristic font below him, along with "ENTERTAINMENT" right next to the lower arm of the "j". The clouds at the bottom also move about and there is a light shaft shining on the right side of the screen. The logo zooms out slightly as the genie eventually stops gloating and looks right at us, blinking once.


  • A shorter, abridged version of the logo exists. The camera lens, already open, releases a blast of yellow/orange/purple smoke up, along with many particles and the metallic genie spinning upwards. The camera pans up with the genie, whose mouth is now in a permanent open smile, as "banijay" quickly zooms out one-by-one and "ENTERTAINMENT" slides out of the "j".
  • On some shows produced by Bunim/Murray Productions at the time, the finished product appears in a transition from the Bunim/Murray logo. The end result looks cheaper than the main variant, though.

Technique: The genie emerging, the logo forming.

Music/Sounds: Starting off with a drumroll, it continues into a gong and then an orchestral build-up. A ding is heard with the wink, which is then followed up by an Arabian-inspired 3-note tune, consisting of also a deep whirring sound and chorus. Composed by Tom Windrif.

Music/Sounds Variant: The Bunim/Murray variant has an orchestral finish, which transitions from the 2009 music variant of the Bunim/Murray logo. Also, a 3-note tune is high-pitched.

Availability: Rare. The full and short versions were probably only made for branding purposes, as Banijay didn't really produce anything. The Bunim/Murray variant, however, could be seen on any Bunim/Murray Productions shows from 2010-2011.

2nd Logo (2011-2021)

Logo: On a white background, a pink spiral forms up as the camera pans up, forming the letter "B" as it does and creating the Banijay logo, a "B" with a genie-like tail. As it zooms out, it also becomes flat and is left-aligned. The text "Banijay" fades in, along with "Group" below in a thinner font. The logo slowly zooms away from the screen.


  • Earlier on in its life, the logo would still be in 3D, giving off a bright shine.
  • Most of the time, the logo would have different text or even a different color depending on what subsidiary (e.g. dark blue for Bunim/Murray Productions and Screentime New Zealand, black for Angel City Factory) was used on the program. They would also have a byline reading "a Banijay Group company" (later on "We are Banijay").
  • A short version has the logo start with the finished "B" zooming out.
  • A still version exists, mostly for in-credit appearances.
  • On the Banijay Asia variant, a gray circle grows around the "B".

Technique: The logo forming, the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: Reversed chimes and a deep buzz play as the logo forms, followed by a series of beeps when the text appears. Sometimes, it may be low-pitched, high-pitched, or absent. Composed by Acht Music.

Availability: Very common, but mostly from its subsidiaries.

3rd Logo (2020-)

Logo: On a radial purple background, pink-colored particles swirl in to the center to form the Banijay logo, which is now two horizontal arches stacked together to form a "B". The letter "B" then slides to the left to leave behind the text "Banijay" (set in Sharp Grotesk Medium 20) and several pink particles that trail to the right.


  • A different animation exists either on a black or white background, where the same particles swirl, then the "B" slides to the left and instead of "Banijay", the text "We Are Banijay" is revealed with a little dot appearing afterwards. This is used on Banijay's divisions.
  • For shows that are distributed internationally by Banijay such as Younger (which is an MTV Entertainment Studios production), the letter "B" is bigger, next to it is the text "Banijay Rights" and underneath are the words "International Sales and Distribution"
  • ABS-CBN shows have the ABS-CBN logo right next to it.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh mixed with a synth note, followed by another note. The ending theme of the show for the credit version.

Availability: Seen on current, former and upcoming Banijay programming produced by its divisions and subsidiaries.

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