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Bakshi Productions, Inc. (known as Bakshi Animation for television productions) was founded by Palestinian-born director, producer, writer, voice actor, and former Terrytoons animator Ralph Bakshi. Bakshi is often cited as the "Father of Adult Animation."

1st Logo (August 20, 1975-October 1, 1982)

Logo: In the color of the credits, there is text saying "Bakshi Productions, Inc." Sometimes, "Produced by" is above it.

Technique: It's an in-credit logo, so either a fade-in and fade-out or the scrolling of the credits.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the film.

Availability: Appeared only on four films by the company: Coonskin, Wizards, American Pop, and Hey Good Lookin.

2nd Logo (September 19, 1987-November 13, 1989)

Logo: On a black background, there is a purple spotlight with "BAKSHI" in a yellow rectangle with the letters in red, purple, sky blue, black, orange, and light purple. Beside it is a blue rectangle with "ANIMATION" in all black. "PRESENTS" is below in red.


  • On Christmas in Tattertown, "PRESENTS" fades in.
  • On the Dr. Seuss special The Butter Battle Book, "a Bakshi Animation film" is shown in yellow on a blue background in the classic Dr. Seuss font. At the end, there is an in-credit variant with "A BAKSHI ANIMATION PRODUCTION" in white.

Technique: Usually none. On Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, the show's logo zooms on in over the logos.

Music/Sounds: The opening/closing theme. On Christmas in Tattertown, it is silent.

Availability: It first appeared on Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures. It also appeared on Christmas in Tattertown and The Butter Battle Book, which are both fairly hard to find nowadays.

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