Bahr-Small Productions

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Bahr-Small Productions was a production company formed by Fax Bahr and Adam Small, creators of MADtv.

1st Logo (October 14, 1995-May 16, 1998)

Logo: On a background that changes colors, we see the words:


The words are also changing color. The outlines of the text shrink. The word "productions" fades in below.

Variant: On the pilot episode of MADtv, the animation is different. The background changes from purple to dark red. The text changes from light pink to black, and from black to purple. The outlines enlarge then shrink.

Technique: The background and words changing colors, the outlines shrinking.

Music/Sounds: What appears to be two balloons rubbing against each other is heard first. This is followed by a popping sound. The pilot episode of MADtv featured a one-note synth theme with a whoosh. Sometimes had the closing theme,

Availability: Rare. It appeared on the first 3 seasons of MADtv.

2nd Logo (January 12, 2001-July 26, 2006)

Logo: On a green background, we see a blue dot. A copy of the dot moves to the left and white, yellow, brown and blue circles appear. The black text "BAHR SMALL" appears next to the dots while "PRODUCTIONS" appears below the text.

Technique: The circles appearing.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Blue Collar TV, and Gary & Mike.

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