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Baa-Ram-Ewe was a Thai film production company that was founded somewhere in 2000. The company has been known in Thailand for their collection of films from the 2000s and 2010s.

(2000s- )

Baa-Ram-Ewe Company Limited.png

Logo: We start off with a white sunburst. Then a picture of a lamb with it's head facing a cloud and a moon zooms out, revealing clouds showing in the background. As the lamb slowly zooms out, clouds pass by, and the text ">Baa-Ram-Ewe<" zooms out along with the lamb. Then some lighting has turned the standard moon to a crescent moon with stars above. Then the clouds disappear (making the background black) and the image and text "shine" as text in Thai appears below. Then the logo fades out.

Technique: Neat CGI.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Uncommon. Can be seen on some of the company's films during this period.

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