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BBC Cymru

1st Logo (1982-1983)


Logo: On a blue background, we see a segmented map of Wales, surrounded by a dark green shadow. Below it was the word "BBC CYMRU" in the same segmented font as the 1970s BBC 1 and 2 logos.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on earlier BBC Cymru programmes on S4C, like earlier episodes of Newyddion.

2nd Logo (1983-1988)

Logo: On a black background, 2 dual-colored lines draw in from the left and right sides of the screen, both right on each other. The colors are red and green, with white borders on the outside. The lines then snake around into a four-leaf clover shape, overlapping each other. The lines on the side then retract and the lines connect to each other, as "BBC CYMRU" fades in below.

Technique: The snaking lines, and the fading-in text.

Music/Sounds: An orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Extinct. It proceeded all its Welsh language programmes broadcast on S4C.

Legacy: The logo drawing on the darkness and the fanfare accompanying may get to a few, but it's harmless.

3rd Logo (1988-1993)

Logo: On a white background, we see red ribbons flying around; they form a picture of a dragon. The text "BBC CYMRU" fades in afterwards.

Technique: Good animation.

Music/Sounds: A nice synthesized orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Like the previous logo, extinct. It was also used as the BBC Cymru Wales letterhead at the time. However, BBC Cymru/Wales would never make an ident again on S4C.

Legacy: The dragon's looks may not sit well with some.

BBC Wales


Logo: The 1997 BBC logo is shown next to the word "Wales". Copyright info is shown below, as well as a URL for the show.


  • Sometimes when broadcasted on one of the BBC networks, below it will say: "(NAME OF SHOW) is repeated tomorrow on (NAME/LOGO OF CHANNEL) at (TIME)". BBC Wales (YEAR)
  • Most of the time it shares the screen with other logos.

Technique: Nothing special, just a simple logo.

Music/Sounds: The last part of the end theme of the show.

Availability: It was seen on shows that they produced from Wales at the time, especially Series 1-4 of Doctor Who.

Legacy: It's just a plain logo.

BBC Cymru Wales

1st Logo (2009-2011)

Logo: On a black background, we see a red rectangle, with barely noticeable stripes moving. The 1997 BBC logo flips in and a rectangle draws. The words "cymru wales" (in Myriad Pro Bold) slide from the line. The same copyright and website URL are seen below.


  • On the animated Doctor Who serial "Dreamland", it's next to the then-current CBBC logo.
  • A still version of this logo exists.

Technique: The stripes, the BBC logo, "cymru wales" sliding in.

Music/Sounds: Same as the BBC Wales logo.

Availability: Common.

  • Seen on later Series 4 Doctor Who episodes and Series 5, as well as other shows that they produced in Wales until 2011.

Legacy: While still simple, it's better than the previous logo.

2nd Logo (2011-)

Logo: We see a large red cut rectangle, zoom out and letters in "cymru" zoom away, with fast paced triangles zooming past. An almost formed rectangle zooms out and flashes, revealing a gradient red background, and forming the line in the logo. The 1997 BBC logo and "cymru wales" emerge from the rectangle with particles flying through.


  • On TV shows, it cuts to the logo flashing.
  • On most shows the logo is still.
  • Another variant exists where the logo is without the box.

Technique: Just....gorgeous animation. Fast paced, but good.

Music/Sounds: Lots of whooshes with some digital sounds noticeable. TV shows have the same as the previous two.

Availability: Common and current. Seen on all BBC shows currently, and series 6-9 of Doctor Who and will be continued to be used forward.

Legacy: A logo with great animation, definitely an improvement over the two that preceded it.

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