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This is the production company of Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman, which is a subsidiary of Worldwide Pants.

(January 3-August 17, 2007)

Logo: Against a stage with curtains in the background, two yellow anthropomorphic Bs with gloves and shoes perform circus tricks with a small yellow ampersand in some way (it differs every episode). At the end of every variant, the Bs pull out top hats and magic sticks and do a pose, forming the company name.

Variants: The tricks are different every episode. Here is a list of them:

  • "Pilot": The Bs walk in stage right, seemingly looking for the ampersand. It then drops down and the Bs pose.
  • "Operation: Seduce Simone": B #1 is holding a green hoop, which the ampersand jumps through. B #2 claps, and then the ampersand jumps through the second counter in B #2. The ampersand hops to the middle and the Bs pose.
  • "Operation: Fighting Shape": The Bs are sitting on the right side of a seesaw. The ampersand jumps onto the left side, sending the Bs flying up in the air. They then drop down, the ampersand hops to the middle and the Bs pose.
  • "Operation: Deliver the Case": B #2 is choking B #1 until the ampersand comes out of B #1's mouth.
  • "Operation: Ralph": We see the Bs with a cannon, with it's fuse already lit. The ampersand shoots out of the cannon, hitting B #1.
  • "Operation: Caught on Tape": We see the Bs with a piñata. B #2 tries to hit it blindfolded until candy (and later the ampersand) falls out of the piňata.
  • "Operation: Save Esperanza": We see B #1 holding the ampersand, with B #2 on wood with a stand. B #1 throws the ampersand until it hits the second counter on B #2.
  • "Operation: Panic Room": TBA
  • "Operation: Oswald Montecristo": We see four ampersands with 2 signs (one for every ampersand) that say "B IS FOR BAD EMPLOYER" in red and 2 more signs (one for every other ampersand) that say "UNFAIR TO AMPERSANDS" in blue. We pan to the Bs, with B #1 looking in a different direction, clasping its hands. B #2 quickly draws something on a piece of paper. B #2 flips it over, revealing an ampersand.
  • "Operation: Rent Money": We see the Bs with a slingshot with the ampersand on it. They fling the ampersand into the camera, breaking it.
  • "Operation: Steal the Safe": TBA
  • "Operation: Open the Safe": TBA
  • "Operation: RomanoCorp": TBA

Technique: Depends on the variant. It's decent Flash animation.

Music/Sounds: A short circus-like ditty which plays on every variant. The echo carries on into the Worldwide Pants Incorporated logo.

Availability: Only seen on The Knights of Prosperity.

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