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(18 March 1977)

Logo: On a gray background, three black dots slowly appear from right to left. Afterwards, two vertical bars pop in between the dots, starting from the bottom centre of the circles. Unlike the other shapes, the left bar is gray. Then, a thick, black upward curve is slowly drawn, forming a simplistic frown for the right face. A smile acting as the left face's expression appears afterwards, followed by the two faces slowly zooming out towards the centre right. When they stop, the text

گروه آزاد فیلم
تقدیم میکند

appears on the left. The faces disappear and two parantheses appear beside the text. The final sequence in this logo is when the text zooms towards the centre and pauses.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Music/Sounds: First, there are three guitar plucks of varying notes with a reverb effect. A boing is heard when the right bar appears whereas a descending guitar sting for the left one. When the right face's mouth is drawn, an ascending synthesizer plays, stopping when the left mouth appears. A basic horn performance plays afterwards.

Availability: Near extinction. Its only known appearance was on Samad in the Way of Dragon. The rest of the film's catalogue have this logo cut out on home media and television prints.

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