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Awesome Forces! is the production company of the band The Aquabats!. It was founded by Christian Jacobs (aka the band's MC Bat Commander; he also founded The Magic Store) and his collaborator Jason deVilliers.

(July 25, 2008?-)

Logo: We see a space background with many multicolored stars and planets. Suddenly, a pink and green ray of light trails in, forming a pink object with the company name that flashes before settling on a green color. A green squirrel monkey with purple hands and feet and a halo over its head flies in, shooting blue laser beams out of its eyes. It stops by the top-left of the text and opens its mouth to make a weird noise.

Technique: 2D animation that looks like sketchbook doodles. This was animated by Parker Jacobs, brother of founder Christian Jacobs.

Music/Sounds: Composed and sound designed by Aquabats collaborator Matthew Gorney, six 80's sounding synth notes, as well as the trailing beam of light and the "pew-pews" of the monkey's laser beams. The noise the monkey makes sounds like a high pitched man's voice saying "aah".

Availability: Was first seen on the pilot for The Aquabats! Super Show!. It then appeared on the show itself once it was greenlit by The Hub, as well as the YouTube revival The Aquabats! RadVentures!.

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