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Aviron Pictures is a distribution company founded in 2015 that served to take over the release of My All-American from the now defunct Clarius Entertainment. Home media rights to their films are currently held by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

1st Logo (November 13, 2015)


Logo: On a smoky blue background, the company name zooms in letter by letter, with no further action.

Technique: Just the letters zooming in one-by-one.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Clarius Entertainment logo.

Availability: This placeholder was only seen on My All-American.

2nd Logo (2016- )


Logo: We see a starry sky fade into a lake, and as it gets brighter, we see four men rowing a boat in sync with each other. The camera pans to follow them, and eventually the scene zooms out to become the corporate logo as the company name is revealed, chiseled on the metal background, as the small word "PICTURES" fades in.

Technique: Very nice CGI going on here!

Music/Sounds: A soft piano and horn tune that grows more majestic and adds choir as time goes on, ending with an orchestral hit and some twinkling.

Availability: First appeared on Aviron Pictures' website (it has since been removed, although it can still be found on their YouTube channel). The logo later made its theatrical debut on Kidnap, and will most likely be seen on any future movies Aviron ends up distributing.

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