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Atomic Cartoons is a Canadian animation studio founded in 1999 in Vancouver, British Columbia by Trevor Bentley, Mauro Casalese, Rob Simmons, and Rob Davies. The company didn't have an on-screen logo until 2004. They are best known for their work on Flash animated cartoons for Canadian networks like YTV and Teletoon. In 2015, Atomic was acquired by Thunderbird Entertainment.

1st Logo (August 6, 2004-April 17, 2008)

Logo: Depending on the series.

  • Captain Flamingo: On a paper background, a blue pencil with Atomic Cartoons' web address ( on it scribbles the Atomic Cartoons logo on the paper background. The pencil then goes offscreen, the paper background turns into blue and white light rays and the sketch turns into the real Atomic Cartoons logo.
  • Atomic Betty: We see the main character, Betty Barrett, jumping and performing a spin-kick in a green room. Then, a white flash appears on the screen to reveal the final result of the logo.


  • On season 3 episodes of Atomic Betty (also known as Atomic Betty: Mission Earth), the logo's background is plain dark blue. It was also seen on some episodes of the show's first season.
  • On some episodes of Atomic Betty, the logo is still and on a white background.
  • On current later high-definition digital remaster prints of said show (containing both the still version and Betty's spin-kick in the variant), the logo is cropped to 16:9 widescreen, fitting the width of the aspect ratio, as well as color correction and the 1080p video scaling applied to it.

Trivia: The background in the generic logo was used in Atomic Betty's battle scenes and the animation in the Atomic Betty variant also appeared in the Mission Earth intro. This was done by storyboard animator and artist Daniel Yu.

Technique: All done in Flash animation.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over Variants:

  • At the end of the first two seasons of Atomic Betty, we hear Betty (voiced by Tajja Isen) offscreen, saying "Atomic Betty, reporting for duty. Hya!", carrying over the M6 and Teletoon logos.
  • At the end of Captain Flamingo, we hear a narrator (Peter Keleghan) saying "Captain Flamingo! Supports wildlife everywhere.", carrying over the Phillipine Animation Studios and YTV logos.
  • On the Atomic Betty S2 holiday special "The No-L Nine", the ending half of the song "La-La-La-La-La" (carried from the closing credits) is heard throughout after the Breakthrough Entertainment logo, and the tail end finishes over the sped-up version of the 1997 Teletoon logo.

Availability: Seen only on Captain Flamingo and Atomic Betty.

Legacy: This debuted in 1999 as a print logo, when the company was founded. An on-screen logo wasn't used until Atomic Betty premiered. When both shows that have this logo ended, this was retired, and replaced with next logo, which also didn't get an on-screen appearance until Transformers: Rescue Bots premiered.

2nd Logo (February 18, 2012- )

Logo: On a black background, a small red dot appears in the middle of the screen, while a stylized speech bubble zooms in inside the dot. Next, the dot explodes into an assortment of shapes and colors, while a red stylized box turns around and towards the viewer while zooming in. As the box settles into position, it rapidly "bounces" forth and back towards the viewer, changing its color from red to the SMPTE color bars and then back to red, while the white "Atomic Cartoons", set in a Impact-like font, appear rather frantically inside the box and a triangle grows at the bottom-right of the box, resulting in a stylized speech bubble with a white border; as this happens, a second burst of shapes and colors occurs behind the logo.

Byline: Since 2015, the byline “A THUNDERBIRD COMPANY” appears below the logo.


  • On the first season of Rocket Monkeys, a different animated version is used. On a space background, we see Gus and Wally's rocketship that holds the Atomic Cartoons logo by using a rope. The rope cuts when the Atomic Cartoons logo goes in the center of the screen. The logo is made of steel with screws around the box part of the logo.
  • There is a still version.
  • There is a white background variant of the still version.
  • Sped-up and shortened version exist.
  • Sometimes, the logo would be used as a superimposed in-credit.
  • The logo also sometimes shares the screen with other logos.

Technique: Toon-Boom animation.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show, or silence. In some cases, a zap, followed by synth noises can be heard. The noises play with the closing theme on season 7 of Max & Ruby.

Availability: Current. The normal animated version is seen on shows like Rocket Monkeys beginning with the second season and the final season of Max & Ruby. The in-credit version can be seen on Little Charmers, Hello Ninja, Legend of the Three Caballeros, some episodes of Hilda, the sixth season of Max & Ruby and more recently, Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends. The white background still variant appears on the first season of Transformers: Rescue Bots and with the byline on 101 Dalmatian Street, while the normal still variant appears on Minecraft Mini Series. Also seen on Vindicators 2: Last Stand Between Earth and Doom (the Rick and Morty spinoff), Little Demon, and Oddballs.