Asociación Mexicana de Video

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Asociación Mexicana de Video was a company that released most of the Universal, Paramount and DreamWorks VHS and DVD releases, including Nickelodeon material. It was established in 1999 from moving distribution away from CIC Video. AMV also released children's material from Nelvana, HIT Entertainment, among others. The company closed in 2005 for legal reasons.

(1999-2005 [1999-2014 for Tycoon releases])

Logo: TBA

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds: Three hammering sounds and a whoosh as the light passes through. There is a synth drone, with another whoosh as we "flip" to the other screen. A metal scrape-like sound is heard as the light passes through the "AMV". When the logo "closes up", a shutting sound is heard.

Availability: Seen on Mexican VHS tapes. Was also spotted on a few DVDs. [Examples?]

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