As Film Ltd.

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Logo: On a black background, we transition to the warning screen, cheaply made in a old computer. After that, we transition to a really dark scene of a cartoon, but mirrored, then we get to the logo being drawn if you look closely. It then cuts, and reveals the cartoon used for this logo. We get to transition to the black background again, and it reveals the logo. It consists of the text "AS" in yellow, in a indian-like typeface, aswell as the Hebrew text in the right. In the middle it consists of a filmstrip scrolling with a heart, and a club, with the "FILM LTD" text above. The address of the company is seen below.

Technique: Basic computer effects.

Music/Sounds: Some cartoon-like music, and the sounds/voices of the cartoon displayed in the logo.

Availability: Extremely rare.

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