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Arrow Films was a company run by the sons of Anthony Periano of the infamous Periano crime family. The company came to an end following the conviction of the founders.


Logo: On a moving space background, we see a red "ARROW" word coast down from the top of the screen to the center. "Presents" in a red script font flashes in below as a white copyright notice appears below. Everything stays on screen for eleven seconds before disappearing.

Closing Variant: On a moving space background, a brown triangle grows out of the bottom of the screen before zooming out to reveal 2 more triangles, forming a stack similar to the Triforce. A flash emerges from the middle of the Triforce, revealing "THE END" as a registered trademark sign and copyright appears below.

Technique: The text appearing and the space background.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie. A "WHOOSH" can be heard in the closing variant, which cuts out at the point the text flashes in.

Availability: Extremely rare. Only seen so far on Deep Throat II.

Legacy: The opening theme might offset the logo's more disturbing aspects, like its animation and darkness. The closing variant's loud whoosh and silence can also seen at jarring at best.

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