Argentina Televisora Color (1996-2000)

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Due to criticism and the channel making more long-term changes, the channel stopped using the acronym, ATeCE, resulting in just "Argentina Televisora Color". The name change lasted for 3 years until the channel came back to its old name, Canal 7.

1st Logo (July 1996-1997)

Logo: On some tinted changing clips of kids with adults, a tilted circle of text reading "UNICO EN TODO EL PAIS" rotating fades in. As the last clips appear, the text circle zooms and rotates in as well as turns white. When the background becomes a blue background, the ATC logo bursts into place one by one with a light-emitting in front of it. The lights dim and the logo rotates into place. "UNICO EN TODO EL PAIS" fades in below.

Variant: Sometimes the ID is shortened by removing the live-action clips.

Technique: The live-action clips and logo bursting into place.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare with an announcer. The second half of music and no announcer are on the variant.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (1997-1999)

Logo: On a white background, an ATC logo fades in, but with no lines dividing the colors up and are mixed. "LS82 CANAL 7 BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA" then fades in below

Technique: The logo fading in.

Music/Sounds: An ominous bell, chime, and synth tune with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Logo (January-March 2000)

Logo: On a black background, 3 translucent cloths, 2 blue, and 1 white wipe in, making a loose version of the Argentina flag. The background then gets smoke clouds and a light illuminates, revealing a planet. In front of it, "Argentina", "Televisora", and "Color" appear and spread out. The info appears below.

Technique: The logo forming.

Music/Sounds: An ominous piano tune with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct. This was a placeholder for the next rebranding.

Argentina Televisora Color (1996-2000)
Canal 7 (2000-2007)
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