Argentina Televisora Color (1979-1996)

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In 1979, Canal 7 took control of a new complex and renamed their channel to Argentina Televisora Color (ATC), which would be set until the end of the 20th century. The 1990s were a tough time for the station, since the equipment was starting to age and, under Carlos Menem, ATC was almost privatized and took a 5-month name change to "ATeCE" with a more nationalist approach in 1996.

1st Logo (1979-1980)

Logo: On a starry background, a series of lights/comets move from left to right and reveal the ATC logo, which is a series of rainbow stripes resembling the word "ATC" with a ball between the "C", resembling an eye. The "C" is farther away from the other letters. "odo" and "olor" appear by lights, forming "A Todo Color" (In Full Color). These mentioned words disappear and the "C" meets up with the "A" and "T", forming the logo. A purple flash then appears and the logo suddenly "grows". Yellow sparks then form the "Argentina Televisora Color" text, then another light/comet form the text:

LS 82 Canal 7 S.A.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

in a right justify below.

Technique: Scanimation animation.

Music/Sounds: A slow synth arpeggio plays while other synth plays two times a 5-note theme, which is the beginning of the stock music (made very low pitched and slowed down) "Electrosonic IDs And Logos #6" composed by Richard Sanders, spotted in the Valentino Music album, "Classic IDs and Logos Vol. 1".

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (1980-1981)

Logo: As a white background fades in with the ATC logo, the camera zooms out from the "C" to normal position. The white text "Argentina Televisora Color" with a black outline fades in below, and the same "LS 84..." text appears at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: The same music as before, but with its regular pitch and speed. A female announcer is also talking.

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Logo (1981)

Logo: Blue and gold circles and sparkles are moved to the center of the screen, then an outline of the ATC logo in gold is formed and zooms out. 9 blue ATC's appear in the background, while the outline becomes solid and filled with white. The ATC logo moves to a corner of the screen, while the ones in the background disappear, then the words "ARGENTINA TELEVISORA COLOR" appear below the logo, with a blue building and the "LS 82..." text below.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as before, but without the female announcer. Sometimes, a male announcer is present.

Availability: Extinct.

4th Logo (1981-1985)

Logo: On a black background, white and green copies of the ATC logo are seen taking over the screen by appearing. A white, gold-outlined ATC logo model appears in the center and zooms in, while the rest fades to a red background with a white light. "Argentina Televisora Color" appears, then the other text appears in the bottom of the screen, also just like before.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A calm (and pretty sad-sounding) synth theme, with the announcer.

Music/Sounds Variant: There was a shorter variant that used the second PBS music.

Availability: Extinct.

5th Logo (1985-1987)

Logo: We see a video of somewhere in Argentina (i.e. the Iguazu Falls, a bridge), but then a random shape that seems like the ATC logo, zooms out, with a pink background. The rainbow stripes appear one-by-one two times, and for the first time while the other stripe appears, the stripe that appeared before it disappears, which also happened with the other stripes. After the ATC logo is revealed, the rest of the video is still seen, on the ball and between the letters, but later then fade out as the text "LS 82 CANAL 7, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA" types in below the logo. The ball then reappears, this time with the rainbow stripes of the logo. The text then wipes to "EN TODO EL PAIS".

Technique: A mix of Live-action and computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A remaster of the stock music from the first three logos, now with a descending synth effect in the beginning. Also the announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

6th Logo (1987-1989)

Logo: Against a white light background, the ATC logo from logos 1 and 2, but with the stripes now facing at a diagonal angle, making the logo have diagonal cuts, appears from below, then rotates to see us and zooms in. "ARGENTINA TELEVISORA COLOR" appears above the "A" and "T", at a diagonal angle. Meanwhile "LS 82 TV CANAL 7 - BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA" fades in below the logo.

Variant: A longer version exists, where after the logo is formed, we fade to a picture of space, with the Earth and satellite orbiting around it. The ATC logo, now in gray, fades in at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Technique: 3D animation.

Music/Sounds: A 80's synthesized theme, sometimes with an announcer. For the long version, a popping synth theme is heard.

Availability: Extinct.

7th Logo (1989)

Logo: On a space background, a satellite rotates and flies around, casting a residue effect and aligns with an Earth model. The ATC logo zooms in where Argentina is and the colors wipe in like in the 10th logo.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: The announcer with droning sounds for the satellite and swishes.

Availability: Extinct.

8th Logo (1989-1994)

Logo: Against a silver bar background with spotlights, there is a green line expanding the height of the screen. The bar rotates to reveal 4 green squares rotating as the ATC logo in silver appears on the front square. An outline of it zooms in as it becomes its usual colors. As the outline zooms away, the squares stop rotating and "ARGENTINATELEVISORACOLOR" as well as "LS 82 CANAL 7 - BUENOS AIRES" appear below the logo. The spotlights then move a bit and the logo shines.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A proud synth fanfare, sometimes with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

9th Logo (1991-1994)

Logo: In a maze of colorful blocks, we fly through the maze till we get to a opening. We zoom through the opening and rotate a few times. We then see that the maze was the ATC logo on a grey background. "ARGENTINA TELEVISORA COLOR" and "LS 82 CANAL 7 - BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA" fade in below.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A proud synth fanfare with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

10th Logo (1991?-1995)

Logo: On a black background, an blue/black gradient panel with a reflection on the bottom of the screen swings in to fill the entire screen. In it are gradient rectangles in various sizes scroll along with the background. The text "ARGENTINA TELEVISORA COLOR" scroll and move as a silver ATC logo zooms out and rotates. Then "LS 82 CANAL 7 - BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA" moves into the scene as everything aligns. The colors then wipe onto the logo and the rectangles scroll until we fade out.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A repeating synth tune and flourishes when the colors wipe in with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

11th Logo (1993-1994)

Logo: On a random shot of an animal or a landscape, there is a satellite in the bottom left corner. Something rainbow colored with a residue effect comes out of the tip and rotate around. The ATC logo then moves up to the right of the satellite. Sometimes the shot freezes and "A TODA HORA EN TODO EL PAIS" types in below.

Variants: Sometimes, the phrase seen at the end is shortened to "A TODA HORA" or is missing.

Technique: A mix of Live-action and computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A series of beeps and the announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

12th Logo (1994-1995)

Logo: On a black background with a purple floor of clips, scenes of usual Argentinean life are seen on rainbow blocks sliding it. When they all slide in, the camera rotates and the blocks sink as it emits sparks. The blocks settle as the ATC logo emerges from them. The same text from before or the last line fades in below as the background becomes black.

Variant: A later version removes part of the text, leaving "en todo el pais"

Technique: A mix of Live-action and computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A rising synth tune or an unknown theme with the same announcer from before.

Availability: Extinct.

13th Logo (1995-February 1996)

Logo: Against a video of wildlife, a map of Argentina rotates up and a part of the land flies to that part of the country. When it gets about halfway there, a line of rainbow stripes appears and rotates, revealing the ATC logo. The same text from before fades in below and the country and part of it zooms out fully.

Variant: Some times it is on a white background, the map is whitish and still, clips are seen instead, and the text below rotates with the logo.

Technique: A mix of Live-action and computer animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Extinct.

Canal 7 (1978-1979)
Argentina Televisora Color (1979-1996)
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