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Descriptions by
Hoa, CooleyBoy10, LogosSuper142, DannyTheMuppetMan, EnormousRat and CLGCreator Returns!

Captures by
EnormousRat, LogosSuper142, DannyTheMuppetMan and CLGCreator Returns!

Editions by
Michael Kenchington

Video captures courtesy of
Broken Saw


In April 2009, Starz Animation was spun off and renamed to Arc Productions. In 2016, Arc went bankrupt and locked out its employees due to a financial emergency, and was eventually bought by Jam Filled Entertainment, who renamed the studio to Jam Filled Toronto. It and its titular parent company are currently owned by Boat Rocker Media.

1st Logo (April 10, 2009-March 18, 2016)

Logo: On a black background, the write script "Arc" draws in by stroke. Below, a yellow light brings forth "PRODUCTIONS" with a green painted line under the word. Meanwhile, the "Arc" text gains green shadowing.


  • On Ormie, the logo is smaller, and there is no line is removed. There is also some more green shadowing behind the text.
  • On Thomas & Friends, the logo is a still picture and cuts in. Nick Jr. prints also have this logo much brighter.
  • On Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, the Arc logo fades in along with the "PRODUCTIONS" text.

Technique: 2D computer animation. None on Ormie and Thomas & Friends.

Music/Sounds: Mostly depends.

    • The animated version has a phasing sound followed by a one-note creepy-sounding sounder with clapping following, or most commonly the ending theme.
    • For the Thomas & Friends variant, none.


  • Seen on anything that the company made, like Robosapien: Rebooted and seasons 17-20 of Thomas & Friends.
  • The Thomas & Friends DVD release of Extraordinary Engines doesn't contain this logo, even though Arc animated all the episodes on it.

2nd Logo (March 18, 2016-February 21, 2017)

Arc 2015.jpg

Logo: On a white background, we see the Arc script from the first logo in the same white color now inside a green circle.

Variant: Max Steel: Team Turbo uses this on a black background.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme.

Availability: Seen on early episodes of Rusty Rivets, later episodes used the Jam Filled logo. Also seen on Max Steel: Team Turbo.

3rd Logo (April 14, 2016-October 12, 2018)

Logo: On a white background, we see three shapes which are colored red, blue, and green. On these shapes is the word "Arc" in white ("A" is on the red shape, "r" is on the blue shape, and "c" is on the green shape). "PRODUCTIONS" is below in gray.

Variant: On Tarzan and Jane, the background is black, and "PRODUCTIONS" is in white.

Technique: Fading effects. None on the variant.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the movie.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Tarzan and Jane, none.

Availability: Rare, due to it being short-lived before the company's bankruptcy.

  • Seen on Barbie: Star Light Adventure and Max Steel: Team Turbo Fusion-Tek.
  • The black background version appears on Tarzan and Jane.
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