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Based in Madrid and established around 1981, Araba Films was a production and distribution company from Spain. Their most remarkable production was Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate (co-produced with Canal+ and other European companies). Other than that, it distributed films from small production companies. By 2007, they stopped producing and distributing films, and now the company focuses on the cinema theater business.

1st Logo (1981?-early 1990s)

Araba Films (1990) (From - Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael).png


2nd Logo (Early 1990s-2007)

Araba Films.png

Logo: On a white background, a pencil drawing of a grass field fades in and starts shrinking and moving (in delayed motion) towards the center of the screen, revealing what seems to be a drawing of a conker tree. A rainbow draws itself behind the tree and the whole set fades to the print logo. The words "ARABA FILMS" fade in below with segmented lines. Then "presenta" in a script font fades in below the finished logo.

Technique: Fairly well done 2D cel animation which incorporates the use of delayed motion.

Music/Sounds: A nice, relaxing, but somewhat depressing string tune, sounds like the beginning of "Hatikva" (The Hope), the national anthem of Israel.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on Spanish films from the time period. [Examples?]

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