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Aquarian Productions was a short-lived production company that collaborated with Films Incorporated.



Logo: On an seal brown background, we see a yellow circle with two curved white lines inside the diameter of it, assuming they are waves. The logo then fades to a blue background, but not completely so the logo can still be seen, as if it were dyed blue, with the words "Aquarian PRODUCTIONS" in white also fading in underneath the waves. The logo then fades back to where it was in the beginning, then the logo fades to the film.

Technique: The fading of the background and text.

Music/Sounds: A strange whirring chord sound that tends to distort, thanks to the deterioration of the 16mm print.

Availability: Ultra rare, as this was so far only seen on The Philosophy Of The Obvious, What is Gestalt and Memory and Pride, both of which were co-distributed by Films Incorporated. Only 16mm prints of these films exist, and they'll likely never be shown on television anytime soon, so you'll have to look on eBay or search the internet.

Legacy: The very simple effects are one thing, but the worst thing here is the ear-damaging whirring sound, which will likely unnerve a ton of viewers. You probably shouldn't have the volume up too high, otherwise the results will be devastating.

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