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Applause Home Video was a sub-label of Roadshow Home Video (Now known as Roadshow Entertainment).

1st Logo (Late 1980's-Early 1990's)

Logo: On a shaded blue background we see a diamond-shaped object (almost like Superman's logo but without the S) which is black with a blue border that shines, inside it is confetti which is in various colors. The words "APPLAUSE HOME VIDEO" emerge from each side of the logo, along with that is a pair of hands that appear inside the diamond, which are colored orange (One of which is shaded). After a few seconds, the logo along with the backgrounds zooms out & fades away. We then see the words "SNEAK PREVIEWS FROM OUR MOVIES" in blue with a white shade behind it.

Variant: The closing variant lacks the "SNEAK PREVIEWS FROM OUR MOVIES" message.

Technique: The logo zooming in. The text and the hands appearing. As well as the zooming and fading of the logo to the preview message in the opening version.

Music/Sounds: Jungle-like music, when the hands appear, we hear an applause noise in the background.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen all releases released under the label from the era. Check eBay Australia as well as second-hand stores in Australia that stock tapes in-order to find Applause releases.

2nd Logo (Early 90's-Mid 90's)

Logo: On a black background, we see a spark at the top of the screen move from left to right, revealing the "APPLAUSE" text from before but with a silver, liquidly appearance. A bigger spark then appears and explodes, revealing the rest of the logo in a rather different appearance, taking place over a dark-tinted shot of silver water (the same water in the "APPLAUSE" text). The diamond shape is much plainer and also contains the silver water, and the "HOME VIDEO" text surrounding it is in orange. The logo sparkles as the hands from the previous logo start to fade in over the diamond. After the logo finishes, it then cuts out to leave a black bar across the screen, where the spark then creates the shiny orange text "COMING SOON" across the screen, as well as orange borders.

Technique: The spark running across the screen, the explosion and water flowing.

Music/Sounds: The sound of a spark, followed by a large "bang!". This is followed by a new-age synth note playing before another "bang!" plays. The next screen has a slightly abridged version of the music.

Availability: Seen on later Applause Home Video releases.

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