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Aplaplac is a Chilean production company founded best known for the puppet show 31 minutos. It was founded in 2001 by Álvaro Díaz, Pedro Peirano, and Juan Manuel Egaña and was named after one of their sketches on Plan Z, "Instituto Aplaplac".


1st Logo (June 16, 2002-2004, March 27, 2008)

Logo: On a white background, we see the text APLAPLAC with three blue deltas on top of it.


  • Each episode of Mira tú has a custom variation involving a dog either on its own or interacting with other objects, humans, or animals.
  • On 31 minutos: la película, the logo is an in-credit notice inside a white box.

Technique: 2D animation or simply none.

Music/Sounds: The music may change depending on the episode while accompanied with various sounds to go along with the animation.

Availability: Seen on Mira tú and 31 minutos: la película.

2nd Logo (March 20, 2004-September 26, 2009)

Standard Variants
31 minutos Variants

Logo: The standard logo resembles the previous one but without "MINI".


  • A copyright notice was placed underneath the logo on Los Dibujos de Bruno Kulczewski.
  • On Las vacaciones de Tulio, Patana y el pequeño Tim, the logo is smaller.
  • On 31 minutos, Carlitos Lechuga walk in from the left and stops by underneath the third "A" in "APLAPLAC" and tells the viewer a moral. In season 3, the logo would attack him and in the next season, multiple creatures would come in and interact with Carlitos.
    • "Vacaciones"/"Relox"/"Tío Horacio"/"Japonés": The "A" below Carlitos falls and bonks his head. The moral Carlitos says varies on each episode:
      • "Vacaciones"/"Relox": "There's nothing more important in life than know-"
      • "Japonés": "True friendship is the one that-"
    • "¡Qué lástima!": Continuing from the end credits, Carlitos is seen on a hot air balloon floating from the right. Suddenly, the second delta tilts and pops the balloon, sending it and Carlitos crashing to the ground.
    • "Lulu Serrucho": Carlitos says "And remember, the best friend that you can find is-" before the third "A" becomes loose. He looks up and backs away and then the "A" rapidly grows, causing Carlitos to panic and get crushed by it. He then says "My little neck...".
    • "Bodoque deprimido": Carlitos says "And remember, don't let a bad day-" before the "A" above leaps from its place and attempts to squish him. Carlitos tries to run away but ends up getting kicked by the "A", saying "My toof...".
    • "Cebollas": Carlitos says "And remember, the true friendship feelings-". Suddenly, the third "A" tilts counterclockwise with Carlitos attempting to walk away but still getting hit in th end.
    • "Un ratoncito duro de cazar": Each letter from right to left bonks Carlitos in the head. He then slowly falls to the ground.
    • "El secreto": Carlitos says "And remember, real fr-" right before the company name stretches like a hand and hits him.
    • "El despido"/"La amenaza siluria, parte 2": The first "A" falls over and hits the other letters in a domino effect with the third "A" falling and bonking Carlitos multiple times on the head.
    • "31 minutos educativio": Carlitos says "And if you lose something, remem-". Before he can say anything, the text starts moving like a snake and, as usual, hits Carlitos.
    • "El maguito explosivo": Before the third delta shot and made Carlitos explode, he said "If you have a problem-".
    • "Mugre": The deltas group together to become a spinning boomerang and split Carlitos in two.
    • "Hielito": The third "A" flicks the left few letters and causes the second "A" to gradually spin and leave its position. Carlitos saw this and attempts to run before coming across the spinning "A" coming towards him. He runs back but still got hit, this time getting his head cut off and fly into the air while his body catches it.
    • "La amenaza siluria, parte 1": When the third "A" becomes loose, Carlitos notices it and walks to the top left corner of the screen before the first "A" flies from its position and hit Carlitos.
    • "La amenaza siluria, parte 3": The text becomes a hammer and, as always, bonks Carlitos in the head. After he is gone from the screen, the text reverts back to normal.
    • "Lo recuerdo muy bien": The third "A" becomes loose, causing Carlitos to walk away from it but ends up getting it by it bouncing towards him.
    • "Fiesta en la casa de Juanín": Carlitos stops talking when he hears a fairly quiet rumble caused by the logo. This transform it and Carlitos into 3D versions of themselves. The camera pans around facing Carlitos as he is looking at the logo and it becomes a fight scene with the text flying towards him with Carlitos dodging them Matrix-style. Then, the deltas become their transformation from the "Mugre" variant and spins towards it with Carlitos leaning his head and ducking in a slow motion sequence. All of the fallen pieces of the logo then put themselves together, transforming into a human figure with Carlitos looking at it. The logo maniacally laughs while the camera changes angles. After that, Carlitos walks towards it and gave it a soft smack and walks back while the logo cries and runs off. Finally, Carlitos is back to his normal self and while trying to deliver his moral from earlier, ended up forgetting it.

Technique: 2D animation for season 2 of 31 minutos and puppetry for season 3. CGI was used for the "Fiesta en la casa de Juanín" variant and none for the rest of the variant.

Music/Sounds: The characters' dialogues and various sounds to go along with the slapstick. Otherwise, none.

Availability: Seen on season 2 and 3 of 31 minutos, Los Dibujos de Bruno Kulczewski, and at the beginning of Las vacaciones de Tulio, Patana y el pequeño Tim.

Legacy: This is a favorite among fans of 31 minutos.

3rd Logo (July 11-September 26, 2009)

Logo: On a old film background, the three deltas from before with the first in red, the second in blue, and the third in green, slide in from the left before stopping in the center. Then the bottom text consisting of the company's name and the copyright info fades in.

Technique: The old film effect, the deltas scrolling, and the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on Las vacaciones de Tulio, Patana y el pequeño Tim.

4th Logo (May 22-Late 2010)

Opening Logo: On a blue chalkboard background, we see the standard logo in white. A few seconds later, the screen fades to the opening shot of the show with the text in a different font. Not long after, the logo fades out.

Closing Logo: On the same chalkboard background, the logo in a drawn format is blurred out. It is seen focusing a few times before returning to normal.

Technique: The fade out for the opening variant and the focus effect for the closing one.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on Un país serio.

5th Logo (October 4-December 27, 2014)

Logo: An in-credit notice, the logo has a fairly round and thick outline of a dark grey triangle with a white fill and two horizontal lines in the center with the company's name underneath the second line.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: So far, it was only seen on season 4 of 31 minutos.

Mini Aplaplac

(March 15-December 24, 2003)

Logo: On a black background, the logo from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Aplaplac logos fades in within a sequence: "APLAPLAC" fades in, then "MINI", and finally the three deltas. The font of the text is also different and a copyright notice is next to the text.

Technique: The logo fading in.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on season 1 of 31 minutos as well as its Christmas special.

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