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Antefilms Production was a French animation company formed in 1990 by Christophe Di Sabatino and Benoît Di Sabatino. In September 2003, the company purchased France Animation from France Telecom, and the two merged in March 2004 to form MoonScoop Group.

(2001-February 25, 2004)


Logo: On a black background, we see three blue ovals (the small one is light-blue). Underneath, we see


with the copyright notice:

© 2003 -ANTEFILMS Production/FRANCE 3/CANAL J

Variant: At the start of Code Lyoko, the logo is seen just prior to the opening credits/intro.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The end-title theme.

Availability: Can be seen on season 1 of Code Lyoko.

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