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Annenberg/CPB was a joint venture of The Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1981, through a gift from Walter Annenberg, who was the founder of The Annenberg Foundation. In 2006, The Annenberg Foundation (and The Annenberg Channel) withdrew their partnership from CPB, and renamed its channel to "Annenberg Media". Despite that, the channel continued to rerun pre-2006 programs of the former Annenberg/CPB library. That unit, however, only lasted until October 2008, when the network channel discontinued its satellite stations for good. However, their website, still exists, and you can check it out to find information on their programs, FAQ, email, and much more.

Annenberg Media/Annenberg/CPB/The Annenberg/CPB Project

1st Logo (1981-2004)

Logo: On a shady blue background, we see a tall upside-down "L" unfold, then a shorter upside-down "L" unfolds, and finally a trapezoid unfolds. The final result of this resembles a stylized lowercase "A". A shadow of the "A" is seen on the base. Then a star forms the text "The Annenberg/CPB Project". After the star forms the text, the shadow disappears.


  • On a videotape syndication print of Planet Earth, there was no logo, only white text saying "Annenberg/CPB Project" above the Planet Earth.
  • In 1999, the logo was seen with higher quality animation, the text was simply changed to "Annenberg/CPB" (in a different font), and the byline "Annenberg Foundation-Corporation for Public Broadcasting" was seen under it.
  • One rare version of the 1999 variant has just the text "Annenberg Foundation" and no "Corporation for Public Broadcasting" under the Annenberg/CPB text.
  • A special variant, using the blue background would have the text saying: "The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project". The "A" logo is green.

Technique: Early computer effects.

Music/Sounds: Starts out with 3 synth notes with a "wah" effect as the "a" unfolds, then 8 higher synth notes as the star reveals the text, with the 8th note longer. Then, an announcer would be heard (during the 8th note of the jingle), announcing the above channel's name. Overall and however, there have been a couple changes between the announcing. Here are a couple variants:

  • From 1981 to 1999, the announcer would say "(Major) Funding for this program (or the name of the show) has been provided by The Annenberg/CPB Project".
  • In 1999, along with its revised logo, a different announcer was heard, and the announcement was changed to: "Funding for this program is provided by Annenberg/CPB. To advance excellent teaching".

Availability: Rare. It can be found on re-runs of shows such as The Arts of Every Classroom and Biography of America (the later version) on local PBS stations such as UNC-TV and UNC-ED. Also preserved on certain Annenberg shows on the Learner on Demand website and maybe some other Annenberg shows if your local PBS station still shows them.

2nd Logo (2004-October 2008)

Logo: It's the same as the previous logo, but the animation is a lot smoother this time. When the logo is done animating, the words "Annenberg Media" wipe in with a sparkle effect below. Then the logo fades out and

Funding for this program provided by

fades in, one line at a time.

Variant: The version above is only seen for programs made prior to 2006. Programs that were seen after 2006 were produced by the then-current Annenberg Media. Therefore, the logo plays as usual, but after the "Annenberg Media" text appears, the logo freezes. This was mainly to keep the other text from appearing, since Annenberg was no longer a part of CPB.

Technique: Modern computer effects.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: A redone version of the last logo's music done with pianos, strings and modern synths. A female announcer says "Annenberg Media".

Music/Sounds/Voice-over variant: On post-2006 programs from Annenberg Media, the announcement was changed as well. It has the same female announcer from mentioned above, but the announcement is "Funding for this program is provided by Annenberg Media".

Availability: Rare. Mostly preserved on shows on the Learner on Demand website. This may also be preserved if, like the last logo, your local PBS station still broadcasts Annenberg programs. It was also seen on almost all programs shown on the defunct Dish Network channel University House Channel (sans American Cinema, which had the last logo).

Annenberg Learner

(Late 2008?-)

Logo: The same concept as Annenberg/CPB, except the "A" zooms out after the animation, the text is changed to "ANNENBERG LEARNER", and said text in in a different font. The shine is also more dimmed than the last logo.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo, except the narrator now says "Funding for this program was provided by Annenberg Learner".

Availability: Can be seen on newer on-demand programs from Annenberg's website.

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