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Michael Kenchington

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tjathome2002, matipionki, davidseare, and Pakokelso93

Unused Logo



1st Logo (October 27, 1959-1970)

Logo: We see the shadow of a model knight on horseback holding a triangular flag in the background. "FROM EAST ANGLIA" is displayed on the screen. It then fades out, and a spotlight lights up above the knight. "Anglia" is displayed on the flag, in a fancy font. The camera then fades into a close-up shot of the flag, with "PRESENTS" below. The company's original station clock, which survived into their colour era, also featured the knight on the right side of its face.

Trivia: The knight statue was originally commissioned by King William III of the Netherlands for the Falcon Club. It is intended to represent the Black Prince. It was bought by the station's chairman, Lord Townshend after he spotted it in a jeweler's store.


  • Another opening variant exists. We see a shot of the knight from before, with no text overlay. Then, the camera fades to a gray screen, which has the text "Anglia" in the same font as the knight's flag and "IN THE EAST OF ENGLAND PRESENTS" below it (this time, the camera does not fade in to a close-up of the flag, as a result of that).
  • There was also a version of this logo without the texts, which featured the knight rotating on a turntable before the camera zoomed in on his flag and he stopped rotating. This version was only used as a station identity, and could be seen as a precursor to the company's 4th logo (introduced circa 1981).

Technique: Mostly live-action, with fading effects for the transitions.

Music/Sounds: An abridged version of "Alla Hornpipe" from George Frideric Handel's Water Music. This would serve as the company jingle until the introduction of their third logo.

  • A recomposed version of the music exists.

Availability: Extinct. However, logo enthusiasts have, much like the logos of many other now-defunct ITV regions, preserved this on websites such as TV-Ark.

2nd Logo (1969-March 21, 1988)

Logo: We see the knight from before rotating clockwise on a turntable on a light blue background. The camera then zooms up to the flag he is holding and he stops rotating.

Accompanying clock ident: On a dark blue background, the knight is seen on the right with a heavy white wash over it, along with an analog clock on the left with fancy-looking hands. On the bottom is a line with a break containing "Anglia" in a rather distorted recreation. Early on, it had "COLOUR" below the text as well.


  • An early opening ident exists. We see the silver knight from before standing on what appears to be a mountain against a grayish sky, facing to the left. The text "Anglia" in the same font as the flag and "PRESENTS" then appears to the left of the knight in yellow.
  • Central Television once recreated the logo with a tinfoil model in 1985 for a Sale of the Century spoof at the start of a Spitting Image episode.
  • A much longer version of this ident which showed various parts of the knight was shown during start-ups, with the full version of the music included.
  • A closing logo variant exists for the last shot, appearing on Encore for the Mighty Organ.

Technique: Same as before.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Extinct, but has been preserved on websites like TV-Ark.

3rd Logo (March 21, 1988-November 7, 1999)

Logo: On a slate background, we see twelve triangles (five dark blue on the outside and one in the center, three yellow on the right side, and three white on the inside; the blue one on the left is also larger than the others, and the finished product is supposed to resemble the letter "A"), appear on a light blue flag piece-by-piece until the whole logo has appeared and zooms out slightly. "ANGLIA" then fades in below as the flag keeps waving and having parts of it disappear/appear.

Trivia: The logo was designed by Lambie-Nairn, who had previously designed the original "blocks" logos for Channel 4 in 1982.

Accompanying clock ident: A different slate background is shown having a new clock design, where it consists of a dark blue ring and a teal outer ring, white clock hands, and yellow triangles to mark the hours. The "cardinal hours" have the Triforce-like design instead.


  • In the case of a breakdown, the text of "We are sorry for the loss of your programme and hope to correct the fault very shortly" would be displayed.
  • In 1999, there was also a special version 40th anniversary variant, where the logo was shortened and had a large "40 YEARS" symbol attached to the front of it. The Anglia knight is superimposed onto the left side of the screen, zooming out and rotating counterclockwise before stopping at a comfortable position, and the 1996 break bumper appearing in the top right of the screen, albeit heavily faded.
  • There might be some text to the side saying "888 (Captions)" (later changed to Subtitles starting in May 1999), or "Stereo" that appears during the idents.
  • Starting in May 1999, the 1998 ITV logo appears at the top left and "Subtitles" appears at the bottom right of the 1988 Anglia ident.

Technique: The flag was possibly live-action, chroma keyed onto the background. The fades were done using computer effects.

Music/Sounds: A heraldic-style thirteen-note fanfare, culminating in a reverse cymbal crash once all twelve triangles and the company name appear.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Occasionally, a re-arranged version of the normal fanfare was also used, but it still culminated in a reverse cymbal crash at the end.
  • Sometimes, an announcer will accompany it.

Availability: Extinct. Idents can be found on VHS recordings from the UK.

4th Logo (November 8, 1999-October 27, 2002)

Logo: See ITV.


Note: This ident, much like several of those designed for the other current ITV regions at this time, was never used on air.

Logo: See ITV for descriptions.

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