Amrit Kalamandir

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Descriptions by
RhyserTPEMan and naxo-ole

Captures by
naxo-ole and StrangeAndInterestingUsername

Video captures courtesy of


Logo: We see a drawing of a long cobra with a baby (who could possibly be the cobra’s child) above a blanket (some parts cover it) staring into a spotlight that comes in from the upper right part of the logo. They are in a wooden or glass cube. The name of the company doesn't appear. The screen then fades to black.

Variant: On Be Gunah, there's an opening transition where a circle zooms in and reveals the logo. The logo is also darker, and very hard to see. It also has a closing transition which has the circle zoom out, ending the logo.

Technique: None except the circle transition in Be Gunah.

Music/Sounds: A male announcer loudly quoting Isaiah 11:8 in Hindi, and a heroic military tune made by a trumpet playing after a few seconds. In Tarzan and King Kong, a different tune is played which is very calming and quiet.

Availability: Seen on Rustam Kaun, Be Gunah, Tarzan and King Kong, and Woh Koi Aur Hoga.

Legacy: The actual concept of the logo is not about the baby being kidnapped by the cobra. The logo itself is about protection, as said by the announcer, quoting Isaiah 11:8: "If God protects you, you can't be harmed by anyone. Even though the world is against you and trying to harm you, they cannot even touch a hair of yours". Either way, most Indians would actually interpret it as the cobra taking care of the baby (or possibly raising it), however, the unintentional disturbing nature has given it a controversial reputation among some other Indians.

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