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(June 28, 2002)


Logo: We first see a brown rocky wall with a green gradient at the bottom (which is pretty similar to Speedy Video), with the camera panning to the right to see more of the wall. While it's happening, the wall design changes to dots on the wall & changes back to the lines. We then somehow get inside of the wall & move upwards, which shows more of the wall. We then get out of the wall, which reveals the company name & a large "AP" in green & both are connected & in front to a structure similar to the wall. The Structure then flies upwards to reveal the green text "SALIM AHMAD SALIM Presents" get closer & hop a few times in the same structure, but in a different shape.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Several explosions and whooshes, a harp glissando followed by another explosion sound effect, yet another explosion sound effect, ending with the sound of wind.

Availability: Only seen on Ishtihari.

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